Married for one day
SHORT-LIVED MARRAGE: Mr and Mrs Moalosi on their wedding day

Man leaves wife for mistress day after wedding

Marriage is forever, or so they say.

However, for 40-year-old Nonofo Moalosi, ‘happily ever after’ lasted exactly one day.

Nonofo claims her husband, Kitso Moalosi, 40, abandoned her 24 hours after their wedding, leaving to shack up with his young mistress, 27-year-old Kopo Gaofiwe.

Dragging her husband’s young lover before Kanye customary court, the Jwaneng Mine operator described her life as a ‘living hell’ since she married her co-worker last July.

Narrating her tale of matrimonial woe to Kgosi Morapane, the aggrieved wife revealed that a day after her ‘kgoroso’ (when the bride is taken to her in-laws) Kitso claimed he was not feeling well and needed to go to South Africa for medical attention.

Nonofo said she later learnt he had travelled there with Gaofiwe.

“The information I have is that my husband bought her an engagement ring in South Africa. He was supposed to move in with me but decided to keep his bachelor house, where I suspect he was staying with this woman.”

With a resigned look on her frustrated face, a weary Nonofo went on to say, “He was hardly home, I complained until I gave up. I found messages on his phone communicating with Gaofiwe and it was clear they were in love. I called Gaofiwe who told me she was not aware Kitso is married.”

According to Nonofo, her husband stopped wearing his wedding ring two months after they were hitched, claiming to have lost it. She further revealed that her helper found the missing ring this September when cleaning at home and suspects Kitso deliberately hid it.

To add to Nonofo’s misery, it appears her husband’s affair was common knowledge. When she confronted one of Kitso’s friend’s, he confirmed her man was having an affair with Gaofiwe.

Married for one day
THE MISTRESS: Kopo Gaofiwe

Nonofo initially intended to sue her love rival for marriage wrecking, but decided to drop the case ‘as her cheating husband is not worth the hassle.’

She is now filing for divorce.

For her part, Gaofiwe, who works as a shelf packer at a pharmacy in Kanye, told court she had been dating Kitso long before he got married.

However, the young paramour later backtracked and claimed she did not know her lover got married. She further claimed she was engaged to her baby daddy.

The man at the centre of the controversy, Kitso, told Kgosi Morapane that he broke up with Gaofiwe after his wife found out about their affair.

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