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Yesterday I had a chance to catch up with some  of  my school  mates  from Lobsec and  it is amazing how they have all turned out well…literally! 
They  have  grown into respectable professionals, mothers  and wives! Did I mention  movers and shakers and surely  going places? I am proud  of  them  and I know our high school teachers will be impressed and claim them as a shinning!
As the conversations were going from BMD, BDP, BCP, BNF,  their  husbands, jobs, their children  the  ever sizzling  money matters came up! As far as the married camp is concerned, the single life is cheap to maintain. As usual, I tried to listen carefully to both sides to make an obviously subjective opinion! The married life they say  is  too expensive, particularly now that  food , petrol , school fees , interest rates are fashionably expensive!  They believe  that  mepako and  the almost every weekend  kiddies birthdays make it worse! I looked with amazement as all of these married Lobsec gals  where recently single but suddenly  they talked  like they were born married or something. It sounded like they slept,  woke up and  oops ‘I am married’! All this  time.
This is my take on it, single  life is bloody expensive! Marriage, unattractive as it has been alluded to seems  like a viable option. Single life  is  full  of pretence  and is  normally unsustainable. Anything that is not sustainable is bound to be costly, haphazard in implementation and short lived. Marriage on the other hand is realistic, planned and long term all being equal.
Talk about the high cost of petrol for example. Single life involves excessive expenditure on petrol. Moving from one prospect to another  on the lookout for opportunities  can involve hours  and hours of driving around town. When you do get lucky then  the real project costs of  transporting the ‘trophy’ around  town from point A to B, picking them up, dropping off, or following each other around in case they are mobile to meeting places etc. When you marry, you go to a party or church together, one car, one trip  and once off. You are sorted.
Entertainment when single is the real killer. It is so expensive to take a young lady out nowadays simply because most of them can afford a good meal themselves. Therefore  a young lad is  forced to  be innovative all the time. This  can be a  costly exercise. I think this is where the confusion is from my Lobsec ladies. Their husbands might have dined and wined them whilst courting  but  after marriage most will agree that these outings have significantly reduced. Like I said is viable. If you cannot afford  the dining and wining  just propose marriage ,  you will be  sorted.

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That’s true dear being single is expensive and dangerous. I am printing this article to show it to my fiance so that we can make up our mind and get married soon. You are invited Karabo. I will make sure that you are present if you are not engaged to be a speaker. Keep up the good work. I suggest you do research about life spans of single people versus married. Please!


uwee go raya gr le nna ke nyalwe fak fetsa skolo cz lyf z xpnsv,fuel,rent,fud,etc di a tura @ least nka tshwaraganela lyf e wt sum1 im lov hu wd b workng and motivated in our relationship adawise i wd struggle……


Yes, marriage is good but people must not not forget that it comes with a lot of commitment, transport fuel is nothing as long as you are working.A person no longer make decision alone when he\she is married, don`t just jump into getting married, you must be ready and have made up your mind.People must get married when they are ready and not just because they heard its less expensive.

Well said Onizah!!There is a lot of negotiating in marriage and that transaltes to having to give up things that a single person might still have the option of pursuing, so chose wisely.


Single people must know that the chance you have to be single is meant for you to decide when to get married. You are not su[[osed to stay single for ever lest you get into dangerous temptations. Married people you must know that you are married to produce single people and teach them good values of family and commitment.