A man of vaulting ambition
A man of vaulting ambition

Phenyo Segokgo has his eyes set on the state house

There have been complaints from within the UDC concerning the outgoing Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) Youth Leage President Phenyo Segokgo’s apparent lack of participation in the on- going campaigns for the upcoming Tlokweng bye- election.

In an interview with Daniel Chida, the 33-year-old South East District Council Chairman speaks openly and passionately about his ambitions to be appointed a minister in 2019 under the expected leadership of Duma Boko.

His biggest ambition, however is to ascend to the presidency of the country by 2029.

Q: You have been criticized many times for not supporting the opposition campaign team in Tlokweng. Would you kindly clear the mist for our readers?

I am very much aware of that criticism but the people on the ground know my position.

First I told them that I would be juggling the campaign and preparation for the BMDYL congress, which is coming up on the 28th -29th of April.

There is no how I can sabotage the campaign because the candidate is my cousin.

Even if he wins this bye- election, which is an obvious thing, I would not challenge him in 2019 general elections.

My only concern is the delay by President Ian Khama in issuing the elections writ; we are running out of patience, Batlokwa cannot stay this long without an MP.

Q: Isn’t it strange that you have a date for the Youth League congress while you don’t have a venue?

Initially we were supposed to be hosted by Maunatlala/Lerala region in Maunatlala but two weeks back they notified us that it was not going to be possible since their region is new and therefore does not have enough funds.

We have since approached Lobatse and Molepolole regions but we are banking on the latter to host us.

I can state that Molepolole region is promising.

Q. Your party is divided and there has been no voice from you as the YL President for a while now, why are you so quite?

Our party is going through a rough phase because of the Pilane saga, and as a leader I decided not to get involved in the fights, so I distanced myself.

Another factor is that my committee was divided over it, with some siding with the Pilane faction while others were for the party’s current leadership.

I support the leadership of Ndaba Gaolathe and Wynter Mmolotsi and want them to continue leading us even beyond 2019.

I realised that we are now spending more time fighting internal issues instead of advocating for youth policies.

I can confirm to you that BMD is divided and it is not something that we wished for when we started this movement.

Luckily we are going to the Youth and Executive congress where we will bring our house in order through elections and resolutions.

Q: What has been the main cause of these divisions?

Our constitution is the main problem, it has many loopholes and we have to amend it.

Some sections are contradicting with others and we have to work on it at the congress.

After the congress I can assure you that we will emerge as a united force.

We will do this by voting into power the relevant people starting with the youth congress.

Q: We have heard BPP and BNF Youth Leagues calling for more constituencies to be allocated to them while you remained quite, why do you seem to have lost your voice?

As BMDYL we want stability, we learnt a lesson when BCP pulled out of the Umbrella before 2014 elections and lost dismally.

We don’t want a repeat of a similar feat. For the sake of progress, we decided to compromise.

Our believe is that once we take power, more positions will be availed, so fighting for constituencies will not help us in any way.

We want to take Batswana out of poverty and we can only do that by removing BDP from power.

In Boko’s leadership we trust.

Q: Since you won’t be seeking another term as BMDYL President, where are you heading?

I will be seeking a position within the Executive Committee at the July BMD congress but I cannot disclose the position now.

My hope is that we will take power in 2019 and I am prepared to serve as a minister under the leadership of Boko.

With many positions after our win, I am hopeful that I would be roped in as a specially elected MP.

Where do you eventually want to see yourself in your political career?

The ultimate aim is to lead this country in 2029; I want to be the president of Botswana.

I will have an employment policy, which will be targeting youths and the education sector has to be in line with what the job market requires.

There must be a laid down foreign policy; we must not isolate ourselves from the region.

Q: Your term as South East District Council Chairman is coming to an end in four weeks time, what is it that you have achieved?

We have been allocated P30 million to do storm water drainage to avoid the situation we found ourselves in during the recent floods.

I have registered a Council Company; I also facilitated building of CBD mall in Ramotswa.

We are also working on building students accommodation in Tlokweng.

There is also the Chairman Trust Fund; it helps with scholarships for less fortunate students.

We did buy 50 bicycles for students travelling long distances to attend classes.

I also pledged to donate P5 000 to Matlala Junior Secondary and Batlokwa Primary Schools for their prize giving ceremonies.

I did a lot of things including the dual carriageway from Game City to Boatle junction.

Although my term is coming to an end I will definitely seek another term.

All the best and have a great day


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