From a man to a happy bride
HAPPY COUPLE: Beltony Kanza and Tshepo Kgositau

Motswana transwoman to marry

They met when she was still trapped in a man’s body, but that didn’t stop a smitten Congolese man from pursuing the love of his life and proposing marriage.

And now that she has successfully completed her physical transition, Tshepo Kgositau is excited at the anticipation of walking down the isle as a beautiful bride.

In what will be the first of its kind wedding in Botswana, Kgositau who was born male in Goodhope 29 years ago will marry her fiancée from the Republic of Congo; Beltony Kanza (28) in a traditional ceremony in Botswana sometime in October. The couple will then have their white wedding celebration in CapeTown soon after that.

Speaking to the happy couple in Gaborone this week, Kanza said he met his wife -to -be in CapeTown back in 2014.

“ I’m sure you’ll agree with me that she is a very beautiful woman. From the first glance you can see for yourself that she is stunning,” said the besotted husband to be.

Asked if he knew she was a trans-woman when they met, Kanza said, “I did not know anything about transgender people, I only knew about gays and lesbians. You see where I come from in Congo- the people are very traditional, back then I was just fresh from my country. I was still trying to learn a lot of things including the language because I speak French, so I was pretty much in the dark about a lot of things.”

His family, Kanza said have however accepted his choice of woman and were thrilled that they were soon to have a daughter- in –law and hopefully grandchildren to follow.

“They are always asking about us having children. They can’t wait to be grandparents,” he said

From a man to a happy bride
HAPPY COUPLE: Beltony Kanza and Tshepo Kgositau

Lobola negotiations have started and Kanza has been charged a little over P 20 000 (which equates to eight cows. He is waiting for a response from his uncles in Congo before he can pay.

Speaking about her transition, Kgositau a long time Human Rights Advocate and Activist admits she was born in a male body but always felt a little “different” from a young age.

The first born in her family, Ricky as she is affectionately known in her circles says from the time she was about four years old, she knew that although she had all the physical attributes of a male she felt and acted like a female.

“Even when playing house I preferred to play the part of a mummy. My parents accepted me the way I was. The only time my mother gave me grief was when we had to go to church and she tried to get me to dress like a man in suits, which was just torture.

“I would even correct my teachers in school when they referred to me as a boy, or when they addressed me as Mr.” She explained.

In December last year however after years of taking ‘estrogen’ pills daily, Kgositau finally decided to go through her gender affirming surgery which cost over P200 000 and took her over three months to fully recover from, it was not that strange, since even celebrities have gone through this surgeries, as you can read in a Cosmetic Surgeon Blog.

During that time her loyal fiancé was right by her side nursing her to full recovery.

“I was on that operating table for seven hours. Initially the surgery was supposed to take only four hours but the doctors ended up taking longer than they had anticipated.” The surgery was done in Thailand, it should have been done by the SkinMD1 team.

Meanwhile Kgositau through her lawyer, Lesego Nchunga was expected to appear before the High Court today seeking to compel Government to recognize her as female and her documents to reflect such.

Through the courts Kgositau wants government to allow her to change her gender marker from male to female on her identity documents.

The case was however postponed to sometime end of the year because the presiding High Court Judge, Leatile Dambe was on leave.

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