Man hangs himself after allegedly stabbing girlfriend
LATE: Difemo

Having allegedly stabbed his girlfriend in the neck, 27-year-old Moemedi Difemo calmly walked off into the bush and hanged himself.

It is a grim backdrop that has become increasingly common in Botswana recently.

Fortunately, the victim, Lorato Montsho, 26, survived the attack and is currently recovering at Princess Marina Hospital.

The incident took place at Montsho’s house in the early hours of last Wednesday.

It is alleged that after unlawfully wounding his lover, Difemo went into the bush behind G-West industrial and committed suicide.

According to a passerby, before walking to his death, Difemo shouted, “Ke kwano le seka la mphitlha ke nkga!” (I am hanging myself this side, I do not want to be buried decomposed).

It is believed that the previous Saturday, Difemo went to his girlfriend’s work place and harassed her.

However, security officers stopped him from entering the office where Montsho was hiding.

Allegations are that he got angry and stabbed four cars in the parking lot belonging to Adjustment Car Breakers Company employees.

He was detained, charged with malicious damage and released 48 hours later.

When reached for a comment, Old Naledi CID Officer in Charge, Thalinah Mogaga confirmed the incident.

She revealed they are waiting for the victim to fully recover before registering her statement.

The top cop further confirmed that the deceased was charged with malicious damage of property before trying to kill his girlfriend.

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