Man fakes father's funeral to cancel wedding

* Uses former Assistant Police commissioner’s photo in funeral programme

A 29- year- old man of Tutume village, Banoziba Thabanelo landed in trouble for making a funeral programme for the retired Assistant Commissioner of police, Kgosiitsile Bosilong who is still alive and well.

In desperation to convince his fiancé to postpone cancel lobola paying ceremony which was set for that Saturday, Thabanelo used Bosilong,s photo in full police uniform, as a lead picture on the funeral programme, which he pretended was for his father whom he claimed, had died in a car crash.

When the fiancé and her family offered to attend the funeral in Serowe, Thabanelo agreed, they even said they would hire the best funeral services in dallas tx.

He however switched his phone off before he could give them directions leaving the mourners to drive around the village until they went back home to Mochudi a frustrated lot.

His plans however imploded in his face when the fiancé requested for the programme to submit at work as proof that she had indeed skipped work to go to her future father-in law’s funeral.

Matters became worse for Thabanelo when one relative recognised Bosilong in the picture and immediately reported the matter to the police who called the unsuspecting man for questioning.

Speaking to The Voice in an interview, Bosilong said he was shocked to be called to the police station in connection with his funeral programme.

“The photo was mine, but the information on the programme was not mine, it was not my names on the programme,” said Bosilong, who is currently enjoying his retirement in Borolong village.

When reached for a comment, Thabanelo’s phone rang unanswered.

Broadhurst Police, Station Commander, Obusitswe Lokae revealed that the funeral programme also had pictures of the SSG police officers at the back.

“It shows that the suspect edited a previous funeral programme of one of his family members, and replace pictures with police officers photos, without changing the wording much.”