FILE PIC: Elephant herd

The body of a man who was reported missing recently was last week found disfigured beyond recognition after he was stamped to death by a herd of elephants.

Shakawe Police Station Commander, Superintendent Goitsemodimo Molapisi, confirmed the incident and said the old man had gone missing for two days when his body was found dead, with marks of an elephant stampede at the scene.

Molapisi said the family of the deceased reported to the police that the victim had gone to the bush to look for his stray cattle. “We engaged a search team immediately and unfortunately we found him dead and decomposed. It was evident that he was killed by a herd of elephants as we found him beyond recognition and trodden to the ground and covered in the soil”.

Molapisi said Shakawe clinic further certified him dead and he was buried the same day at night as the body was decomposed.

He further enlightened that even though animal attacks did not happen every day, hippos, lions, crocodile, buffalos including elephants are a danger to human life especially in the wildlife infested Shakawe area.

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