LASHED: Kgosiemang

A former employee at Reggies Hotel in Mmopane Block 1 who was caught after stealing and drinking seventeen 440 ml of Hunters Gold and one Black Label from the hotelĀ  was given four lashes of the cane on his bare buttocks.

Unemployed Donald Kgosiemang, 31, who appeared before Kgosi Keabetswe Dihutso of Mogoditshane Customary Court last Friday, pleaded guilty to the charges but pleaded with the court not to send him to jail as his three kids whose mother long passed away would suffer since he is the only one taking care of them.

The evidence given before court was that on October 30, at around 0900 hours, the bar attendant went to collect his phone charger from the bar where he found Kgosiemang standing in front of the bar with an opened Black Label beer.

The accused told the bar attendant that he just entered the bar through the the door.

Upon closer inspection, the bar attendant realized that some bottles of beer were missing and Kgosiemang confessed to him that he stole and drank the beer as he needed to satisfy his alcohol craving.

In addition to the caning, Chief Dihutso also ordered Kgosiemang to have paid within seven days, P357.00 which was the total amount for the stolen beer.