Man arrested in connection with lover's grisly murder

An unemployed 30-year-old man suspected of stabbing his lover to death has been remanded in custody by a Masunga Magistrates Court.

Lechedzani Elias is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Dipuo Punkie Matebele, 28, whose mutilated body was found discarded by the roadside in Tutume village on Saturday night.

Tutume Police Station Commander, Jerry Halahala, told The Voice that after being notified of the incident at around 2000hrs on Saturday, they rushed to the crime scene only to find the woman’s body soaked in blood.

“She had severe wounds and a big cut on the head. We suspect she was stabbed with a knife but the cut on her head was caused by a different, heavier object,” revealed the top cop.

“The deceased’s lover was immediately located and arrested on the same day,” continued Halahala, who did not say why Elias was suspected of the murder of his girlfriend, who was from Tutume’s Magapatona Ward and worked at the village’s Sefalana Supermarket.

“Youth are the ones involved in murder cases in my jurisdiction. My area always has many murder cases, this is the eighth murder since January,” continued the concerned copper, who urged lovers experiencing difficulties to seek help from church elders or social workers.

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