Man allegedly stabs lover in heart for ending affair
MURDER SUSPECT: Maiswe is accused of killing his girlfriend

A troubled young man who previously tried to kill himself three times has been charged with murdering his girlfriend.

On Monday morning, 21-year-old Andrew Maiswe is said to have stabbed his lover, Olebile Motlanyane, 21, in the heart with a knife – an action that caused her to die on the spot.

The incident took place at the couple’s home in Monwane village when Motlanyane, who worked for Ipelegeng, was about to leave for her job.

According to a source close to the gory scene, the trouble started when Motlanyane told Maiswe she wanted to break-up with him.

“She thought he was cheating on her and wanted out of the relationship,” explained the source.

“That did not go down well with Maiswe, who told Motlanyane he was giving her until Wednesday (23 January) to change her mind,” continued the source, adding bitterly, “It seems he cut her life short even before then!”

Maiswe is said to have fled to a nearby bush, where he was eventually apprehended by the Police. It is thought he was planning on committing suicide.

During his appearance before Molepolole Magistartes Court on Tuesday, the prosecution requested Maiswe be denied bail.

“Investigations are at an early stage. The post-mortem is not yet conducted and the investigating officer is running around looking for witnesses to record their statements.

“Before this incident occurred, the accused tried to commit suicide three times, may he be remanded in custody,” Assistant Superintendent Uyapo Koketso addressed the court.

Given the chance to speak, a traumatised-looking Maiswe asked court how he would be assisted with counselling if he is sent to prison.

However, Senior Magistrate Lindiwe Makgoro dashed the accused murderer’s hopes of immediate freedom, telling him that there were counsellors available in prison to help.

The suspect was then remanded until his next court appearance, scheduled for February 7.

As the shackled Maiswe hobbled slowly out of court, those huddled together on the room’s long benches could be heard muttering criticisms of the young man’s parents.

Their general consensus was the parents should have established the source of their son’s problems, problems that led to him attempting suicide on several occasions before he became embroiled in such a gruesome murder.

Outside the court the accused, who is said to have failed to complete his studies at one of the tertiary institutions in Gaborone last year, informed the police that he has a heart problem and has an appointment with the doctor at Princess Marina Hospital scheduled for this week.

It is an appointment he will not make.

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