Making style moves


It’s at a timely moment that spring is starting to emerge and we at The Voice on Fashion looked for that finesse, polished, and understated fashion and style execution as an inspirational living altar to the modern, young woman.

This delicacy and finesse, we found in one of Botswana’s experienced News Reporter with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry – a professional director of proceedings for corporate events, small stock farmer and an ardent tea lover and collector, Ratie Kefitlhile. Her noble, breath-taking and style demeanor has shown herself in a new light.

The preciousness of the outfits she dons has a hint of delicacy, whileher style gives a modern, romantic fascination and captivating style.

Follow her on instagram @ratie_kefitlhile and on facebook at RatieKefitlhile.

Making style moves

About style and fashion

Q. What is fashion to you and how important is it to your profession?

I live by the motto ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’ So in my field, dressing well is very critical because even after the first impression is over your clothing can help improve people’s reactions to you.

Society is very visually-based, and I try to dress well to routinely experience better treatment and service than my counterparts playing in the same field.

Also because I address different audiences all the time in my space of work, my dressing well tends to serve as a substitute for character in the eyes of people who don’t know me well enough to judge me by anything else.

Making style moves

Q. 3 fashion items or beauty products you can’t live without?

Fashion Items:

  • a pair of nicely fitting jeans
  • a white shirt
  • a nice pair of court shoes

Beauty Products:

  • Sedi Skin care products
  • Krayolan foundation
  • eye liner

Q. What’s the one Fashion rule or prep you do religiously as event host before hosting?

I walk and sit in my outfit to double check the comfort 😊

Q. Less or more?

Definitely, less. I’m a very minimal person when it comes to fashion.

Q. Your most precious fashion and lifestyle possessions in your wardrobe now?

My puffy double tiered dress from DihdahBW

Q. OK, heels: wedge? Platform?flattie?

Depends on the occasion, but I take up every opportunity to wear heels .

Q. What should We buy right now, today?

A tailor made coat from Divine Seasons Apparel (you will thank me later😉

Q. Any advice for ladies out there interested in being style blazer and Seasoned radio hosts or MCs?

Like one of my favorite authors Robert Kiyosaki always says, ‘do today what others don’t, so you have tomorrow what others won’t’.

We are always afraid to break the boundaries around us and follow our dreams, we second guess ourselves and procrastinate a lot.

This holds us back from becoming the best we have ever been.

The best way to overcome fear is to pretend you don’t have fear. Go get it.

MAKE UP | Bonni Kim Makeup/Gala of Renee’sant
Outfits | Dihdah BW

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