Making money
PROUD: Boitumelo

While many imagine it, Jennifer Seitebatso Koboua- Boitumelo has made her millions and is happy to spend them.

“I make money to spend it, I don’t hold back on spoiling and investing in myself and my family. I believe money is meant to be enjoyed. However as a first child in a family of six; Boitumelo emphasises the importance of giving back and saving.

According to this business broker services sioux falls mn company, “One must strike a balance between spending and saving for rainy days. One shouldn’t take precedence over the other. I live my life and I make my money to enjoy it.” She says with a hearty laugh.

“Of the money I make I use only 60% for myself as I believe charity begins at home so the remaining 40% goes towards my other family members and charities. Currently I am assisting with the building of a church in my hometown and active in community activities such as sponsored walks, which I usually feature in as a key sponsor”.

Boitumelo has certainly enjoyed fruits of her labor as she shares her penchant for travel and exquisite indulgences such as shoes and fragrances.

“I holiday a lot, I have been to Russia, Dubai, Italy, Singapore, Turkey, USA ,China, Malaysia ,Thailand ,Greece ,Croatia just to name a few. I love designer bags, watches and good designer perfumes. I am very particular on these ones. I don’t mind spending my annual salary on a good watch but you can get me a P50 dress from any shop, I won’t mind.”

Boitumelo can afford to splurge the benefit she enjoys following numerous wins with her employer.

In addition to her impressive track record, she has recently been named, best overall performer and highest annual premium income awards.

“I work hard and truly believe I deserve the treats and rewards that come with my output.”

Though she excels at selling insurance, Boitumelo had earlier on set her sights in studying law.

Upon completion of Tirelo Sechaba at Molalatau and attaining second class for her O’levels; Boitumelo started working for a bank before being accepted in the law programme at the University of Botswana.

“I had my first child then and did not carry on with Law but later opted for a Diploma in Computer Studies and left the bank” Boitumelo shares her journey rising through the ranks in the insurance space.

Making money
HIGH ACHIEVER: Boitumelo receiving her award

“I joined a Metropolitan Broker company called Southway agency in 1998 and moved across insurance brokers throughout my career till I was drafted by Botswana Life in 2006, as a financial Advisor. I rose to the position of Production Manager and was subsequently awarded a lot of awards that still grace my house to this day.”

Boitumelo was recruited by Metropolitan in February 2011 as a financial advisor and was later promoted to a Sales Manager position.

A position she gave up to once more become a Financial Advisor.

“Working with people is my passion. Success to me means teaching others, transferring skills and knowledge and I can confidently say that I have honed a few skills and uplifted people in my path.” She too has been helped and is quick to credit her success to a few people.

“ I have had the best teachers. Paul Chitate of First Sun, taught me the ins and outs of insurance, he took me under his executive wing where I learnt short term, long term insurance and offshore investments. I have vast knowledge of investments. I would also accredit my success to the late Lucas Moakofhi, who had a lot of faith in me and my capabilities and developed my skills, he would say; “you possess a very rare talent in marketing and I see you going far my daughter”.

Boitumelo also acknowledges Metropolitan Botswana management for their motivation, support and guidance.

“ Big up to Masego Tselaesele-Mokgolodi, Thabo Lejohwa and Gomolemo Mothusi ,they have been pillars of my strength and above all this-like I always say “God is always faithful’’. He is my true blesser.

Boitumelo says success is attainable, only when one seeks advice from those who have made it, have a mentor and believe in themselves and most importantly do what they love and what they are passionate about.”

Away from work and when not globetrotting, Boitumelo enjoys family time.

“I am mostly with family and like most people, weekends are reserved for social commitments of funerals and weddings. With the weekend upon us, Boitumelo will be honouring a shower invitation Always selling; Boitumelo quickly shares; “those who need my best advice on corporate and individual investment or any insurance product are welcome to contact me on 73119278/71219278”.

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