Abc’s of male grooming

Most of us don’t seem to appreciate the importance of looking the part and how being fashionable separates us from the masses.

As we continue with our “project upgrade, make me over” this week we transform 31- year- old, Thapelo Baruti, an admin assistant/circulation officer who’s interest does not involve fashion and style in the slightest.

He was the perfect make over recipient as he was looking to change his life and what a better way to start the transition by investing in looking the part in his prime age.

These are the step-to-step grooming tips that we applied:

1. Clothing Style:First we had to align his preferences with the right look for his age, how comfortable he wants to be and his new style to complement his life.

Taking into account his personality and mannerisms, we went for something simple but enough to get him noticed.

Changing from a T-shirt to a more office and corporate look to fit his daily work environment, a casual formal look consisting of unbutton shirt, blazer and matching belt and shoes were ideal.

Thapelo Baruti

2. Hair: Thapelo kept a little afro (twa) which aged him a little bit and weighed him down.

Lebo of Accuracy hair salon gave him a brush and fade cut best suited for his face, age and thus changing his whole look to a cleaner and sharper look.

3. Skin Routine: We advised a simple yet effective routine which includes applying a sun-screen, day and night moisturiser as his daily grooming routine and accessories such as sunglasses to keep off harsh sun rays.

“I feel and look amazing, this is definitely the beginning”, said Thapelo after his makeover.

Men, your style is like pension. Early investment pays dividends. Tell us what you think, is this look a “yay” or “nay” for Thapelo? Send us your comments to [email protected]

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