Major climbdown
ABSURD: Protex bath soap now costs P43.90

With the cost of most commodities either shooting up daily or simply not available on the shelves, something really had to give.

Having banned the importation of a number of things to protect the local industry, the government was this week left with no choice but to rethink that decision as shelves were running empty.

For commodities that were available, they were way beyond the reach of many.

In any case, there really is no industry to talk about as the manufacturing sector is as good as dead.

I went into a few supermarkets this week, including the leading stores, Pick n Pay and Choppies, to gain a fresh appreciation of new prices and to buy a few things so I can get Mazoe Orange juice (gosh I miss the days when my biggest worry was the taste of Mazoe!). I must say the prices really were ridiculous.

Of course the retailers can justify their high prices – and understandably so because they buy their stock mainly from South Africa despite selling in what is now referred to as bollars (combination of bond notes and the US dollar) in street lingo.

The root cause of all the madness is that Zimbabwe has no sound economy let alone a currency to talk about.

But before I digress too far, let me explain what I meant by saying I needed to buy a few things so can I get Mazoe.

What is happening now in most shops is that you need to buy groceries worth more than $15 (P150) to be able to buy Mazoe or cooking oil which cost an average of $3 (P30) and $5 (P50) respectively.

These two commodities are not available on the shelves but rather are with the till operator, ready to give those in need but only after they purchase the minimum required $15 worth of items.

While it may seem outrageous that one has to buy other goods to get these commodities, I personally think it’s not a bad idea, especially in the current situation because many Zimbos seem to have developed a hoarding syndrome, which results in unnecessary shortages.

Major climbdown

If we could just buy what we need I am sure some of the goods would not be in such serious short supply.

Anyway, the good news, at least for those with access to forex, is that the government on Tuesday made a major climb down and lifted the ban on importation of most commodities including cooking oil, cement, stockfeed, agrochemicals, juice blends, sugar, soap, salad creams among other things.

Allowing individuals and companies to import these goods and more, will ensure better availability and thus bring down prices as there will be less demand.

What this also effectively means is that the bond will eventually die a natural death. Who will want to sell in a currency that has no value beyond borders?

This also means that the government will surely have to come to its senses and officially scrap off the bond so people can be paid in real money – after all, it’s what makes the world go round and Zimbabwe is no different.

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The bond cannot be just scrapped off it is over printing of money who had access to the RBZ who allowed this to happen how long has it been happening. Who has been having access to the $ if one brings in dollars they are automatically changed to Bondnotes who is taking the US$ it could be the elite


If an investor is bringing US$ it should stay in US$ and not changed into useless bond notes when an account is opened. this is daylight robbery Visas are charged in US$ not useless bondnotes why? The country has been virtually bankrupt for a long while and corruption spiralled out of control This piece is taken from an international newspaper in 2013 “Zimbabwe’s banker: Gideon Gono If central bankers are hired to beat inflation and safeguard the national currency, then Gideon Gono, 53, has a perverse distinction. Robert Mugabe’s banker, the Zimbabwe oil deal and payments to children called Pride,… Read more »


The words “Corruption and incompetence, nepotism just to name a few ” seems to be taboo on the continent no one at the very top is prepared to talk about it openly. they just let ride by turning a blind eye to it for unknown reasons to themselves = unprofessional


This is a piece of article relating to South African Airways relating where business is not done properly “South Africa’s state-owned airline should be shut down, the country’s new finance minister has said. “It’s loss-making, we are unlikely to sort out the situation, so my view would be close it down,” Tito Mboweni told an investor conference in the US. One of Africa’s biggest airlines, South Africa Airways (SAA) has lost money every year since 2011, and survives with government support. SAA is among the struggling state firms that the president promised to revive.” It should not be SHUTDOWN someone… Read more »


in another article “Police and Central Intelligence Organisation operatives on Monday reportedly summoned Sakunda Holdings owner Kuda Tagwirei, a reported close ally of the establishment, for questioning over his alleged dealings in foreign currency on the black market. By Everson Mushava NewsDay is reliably informed that the police and intelligence officers wanted to raid the command agriculture benefactor’s home on Sunday, but failed after he left Harare for Wedza aboard a military helicopter with Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga. Although police spokesperson Paul Nyathi denied knowledge of the development, well-placed sources insisted that Tagwirei was later summoned for questioning on Monday morning.… Read more »


There is a possibility that this type of cartels are operating in many african countries and nothing is being done about them – remember the Gupta scenario in South Africa – Nothing has come out of it and why is it taking long – it should not take long – the Guptas should extradited if they are living in another country to prove themselves if they claim they are innocent


This is another topic that those at the very top and at SADC or Au Organisational level in continent refuse to talk about – human rights besides Corruption they go hand in hand “Former President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace have been fingered in a Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission’s (ZHRC) report as human rights violators. by VENERANDA LANGA The 2017 ZHRC report, which was tabled before the National Assembly on Thursday, also pointed out that Zimbabweans were suffering due to corruption, political patronage and impunity. ZHRC chairperson Elasto Mugwadi said in the report 2017 witnessed gross violations of human… Read more »


Can guarantee the Mugabes and many others like them will get away with Human Rights Violations on ordinary citizens. They will be accorded red carpet treatment and pampered all the way while they get away with this


The UN Director for Mena warns that the end of the refugee crises is NOT IN SIGHT according to an interveiw with hin on an International television station The international media is reporting that crisis in the Central African Republic according to AID agencies it the most NEGLECTED crisis in the world again it is the Media and aid agencies coming to the rescue of those in need while those in top positions are part of the problem and are sitting and watching from the Sidelines Where are those in the AU decision making to try to resolve the crisis… Read more »