Maid for your homecare
Evelyn Motseothata

Fighting grime in Ftown

Her face is filled with excitement and energy as she talks about her new business ‘Hire a Helper’, created to help families struggling to balance work and household chores in Francistown and surrounding areas.

34-year-old Evelyn Motseothata has developed a passion for cleaning people’s homes and making a living out of it.

TheTonota native launched her initiative last July and although it endured a slow start, business has since picked up – with 890 ‘likes’, the company’s vibrant Facebook page is a testament to this.

“I started my business from nothing. I used to take a broom and a mop from my mother’s house without her knowledge!” Motseothata recalls with a grin, adding she was inspired to start ‘Hire a Helper’ after reading ‘Access to Plenty’ by Zimbabwean author Saidi Mdala, who she describes as her mentor.

Motseothata turns up for our interview dressed in a bright yellow t-shirt with matching cap – both are branded with the name and contacts of her business.

“I am a walking advert!” she laughs.

Services offered by ‘Hire a Helper’ include Indoor and Outdoor cleaning, laundry, spring-cleaning and car wash.

The grime fighter tells Voice Money her business has two methods of operation.

Clients can hire her service on a one-off basis, which requires on the spot payment with the price determined by the size of the job.

Alternatively, customers have the option of drawing up a monthly contract, which costs between P350 to P480.

Although she currently employs three fully trained staff members, Motseothata hopes this will grow as her business expands.

At the moment ‘Hire a Helper’ does not have a premises to operate from, with Motseothata describing her car as ‘my mobile office’.

“I drive around looking for business and pitching my services to homesteads. All the necessary files and documents required for the business are kept in the car,” explains the driven young lady.