Mahube's ex-wife withdraws bigamy case
RELIEVED: Mahube absolved of bigamy charges


A 69- year- old ex-wife who took her 81- year- old ex-husband to court for possible bigamy has finally withdrawn her case.

Joyce Kentse Mahube nee Losolobe had dragged her business mogul ex- husband 81-year-old Charles Tapela Mahube of Mahube Express to court, arguing that he remarried before their divorce could be finalized in 2005.

Mahube however successfully proved before Gaborone High court this week that he legally divorced Losolebe in February 2005 before he married his second wife, eight months later, leaving Losolebe with no option but to withdraw the case.

Speaking on behalf of his client, Mahube’s lawyer, Kagiso Jani of Tshekiso Ditiro and Jani attorneys said that Judge Abednego Tafa has issued an order that the divorce case be withdrawn and that 69-year old granny must pay all legal costs for the matter.

“In simple terms, she is to pay all the costs incurred by my client (Charles Mahube) in engaging me as his lawyer. So apart from paying her attorney, she will pay me too. Because she was well aware the parties had divorced,” explained Jani.

Further explaining why Mahube was contemplating a defamation suit against the old woman Jani said, “My client is a respectable church leader whose reputation has been tarnished. The whole legal case that he married his second wife while still married to Joyce Kentse has left him a traumatised man.”

“He does not understand what Lesolebe’s intention was in the first place. He is determined to fight with all he has to have his name cleared,”Jani said.

The couple’s drama started in June this year when out of the blues the old woman summoned Mahube to court insisting that she wanted to be granted divorce, claiming that although the process was initiated in 1999 it was never finalized.

The claim however turned out to be a lie after Mahube’s attorney submitted a copy of the divorce certificate dated February 2005 signed by retired Judge Justice Walia.

The couple divorced before Francistown high court 13 years ago following a breakdown of their marriage of 27 years.

Evidence produced before court indicated that in the settlement agreement entered by the two parties in 2005, Joyce Kentse made off with “a home in Ramokgwebana, a shop in the same village, a filling station at Ramokgwebana and a ploughing field, two tractors and a trailor, a Nissan bakkie, 52 herd of cattle and their matrimonial home in White city Gaborone.”

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