Made Botswana comes to an end

The Development Advance Institute’s (DAI) entrepreneurial initiative titled “Made BW” this weekend came to a fitting conclusion with

Leungo Tebogo, founder of Ba Hana Farmers Market, winning the coveted ultimate prize.

Tebogo’s winning concept detailed her plan to pioneer an agricultural hub that allows farmers and other entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their produce in an environment of like minded individuals.

She believes many techniques can be exchanged at this forum for the betterment of Botswana’s agricultural sector which provides a large majority of the country’s revenue.

“I feel more than happy. I did not expect this at all. I am very proud of myself for pursuing my dreams and taking a risk and making my parents proud. ” the elated Tebogo said.

She further elucidated on her plans for the P100 000 cash prize;

“The money will definitely be used to start the business and develop the farm. My future plans are to establish a legacy and develop more businesses in different sectors – not only agricultural,” she added

The 22-year old Tebogo who was the toast of the day also turned out to be an example to the youth who persistently lament a lack of jobs in the country.

She has proven that even though the onus of job creation primarily lies with the state, private entrepreneurship is the future driver of the economy and thus the youth should deviate from over reliance on the government.

Besides the P100 000 cash prize, Leungo walks away with; a one year mentorship with prominent businessman and founder of CA Sales, Jagdish Shah, one year advertising courtesy of Gabz-FM, one year advertising courtesy of the Sunday Standard/Telegraph, a mobile device courtesy of Future Sustain International, corporate branding and one year digital marketing courtesy of Flusso Binario, one year of office space courtesy of Development Advance Institute and one year of business coaching courtesy of The Fatcake Accelerator.

The Made BW program was mandated with taking a young aspiring business person through the process of creating and building a viable business.

Applicants to the entrepreneur development program were tasked with developing a business proposal that was then assessed.

From hundreds of applicants, 15 were shortlisted and subsequently charged with presenting their business ideas to a panel of judges including Jagdish Shah.

The concept is similar to the highly popular show, Dragon’s Den, which has been pioneered in the UK, America and South Africa.

In very much similar pattern to the Dragon’s Den, on Saturday the 15 shortlisted finalists presented different business ideas ranging from the agricultural sector to the technology sector.

One entrepreneur, Brian Tafila, proposed an idea for his company – Pulse Active, which seeks to provide an inexpensive, wireless broadband internet connection via multiple mesh networks to compete with Cable offerings.

Another contestant, Brian Mokomo, showcased his innovative Style Woods Furniture and Décor Company which aims to create low cost and affordable furniture with the use of wooden pallets and other recyclable material.

Potential customers are encouraged to come for a consultation where they can customize their furniture to suit their tastes and needs.

Subsequently each customer will receive a product unique to their personality.

Having heard all the presentations, the judges then proceeded to confer while the contestants anxiously awaited the results outside the CA Sales boardroom.

An audible gasp of euphoria could be heard when the winner was announced which masked the simultaneous gasps of disappointment for the unlucky 14 who missed out on the grand prize.

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