Minister of Transport and Communications Tshenolo Mabeo has warned his charges at Air Botswana to be professional.

He told them in no uncertain terms that he is not pleased at the way the national airline is being run.

When reading the riot act, Mabeo did not mince his words as he rapped Air Botswana Board of directors and Management telling them that ‘the mess’ created should be cleaned out.

He said he is disturbed that Air Botswana has of late been attracting bad publicity.

“I am not happy with the rumours that I read in the newspapers about the style of management here at Air Botswana. You guys should up your game. I mean it,” he charged.

He further said he will not allow the National Airline to be run down.

He called both the board of directors and senior management to move Air Botswana from being ‘playing field’ to a business entity.

Mabeo who is eagerly awaiting a report about the alleged maladministration at Air Botswana is expected to crack the whip.

Last week, in a surprise move Mabeo fired all board of directors at Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) for defying an order not to release its CEO Thari Pheko.

Top officials at the Ministry of Transport and Communications are alleged to have advised Mabeo to act tough on allegations of maladministration at Air Botswana by firing the board of directors.

Their argument is that the Airline is running on auto pilot because they are failing to give it directions.

Meanwhile an audit to be carried out next month will determine if the National airline still qualifies to be a member of the International board International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Should the airline fail to be re-accredited back to IATA, then it will further continue to lose business.

Information gathered by this publication is that Diamond dealers who frequent the country prefer to fly other airlines for safety reasons.

While a lot has been said about poor management at Air Botswana and poor customer services, General Manager Ben Dahwa has not said anything to defend the airline.

His board of directors have also kept mum on issues of maladministration.

Mabeo a firm believer in corporate governance is said to be having the backing of his officers to act by dismissing the board before going for the Senior Staff.

Dahwa did not dispute that there are problems besieging Air Botswana and pleaded with the media to also report on good things happening at Air Botswana.

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Personally think it would be improper to keep Dahwa whose name as been linked to the Air Zimbabwe scandal
Had a bit of a laugh when disciplining people is called a "Riot Act"!
When Board of Directors and a General Manager are mum on maladministration they need to be sent packing


The Minister of Transport should speak face to face with staff at Air Botswana and not just read articles gathered from the Media
Wish i could turn this airline around!!!!!!