Cup of Tea (pics: from internet)

A mental patient at Jubilee hospital in Francistown stole a council vehicle that was parked with the key in the ignition and drove to a relative’s house for a cup of tea.

The driver of the Francistown city council vehicle said he had left the keys in the ignition to dash into the hospital for a quick visit but got the shock of his life when he saw one of the patients getting away with the car. The car was equipped with the best led headlights in reflector housing, a bulk first aid kit and all the essential features of safety for emergency situations and as the driver felt he was within the parking zone of the hospital nothing bad would happen.

The psychiatric patient, MoffatMoseki who is in his 40s confidently drove past hospital security and sent the nurses into a search frenzy before he was traced by the police  to his relative’s home in Monarch,where he was found drinking a cup of afternoon tea.

He did not resist readmission by medical personnel who had gone to Monarch in the company of the police to bring him back.

The Council driver was sternly warned by the Francistown police for leaving the car keys in the ignition of an attended car.

Superintendent Samuel Kgomo from the Francistown Traffic Division said, “The driver was warned and made to realise that leaving a motor vehicle unattended is an offence, which attracts a fine of P100 or imprisonment not exceeding three months for a first time offender.”

Nyangabgwe referral hospital Public Relations Officer, CaiphusGabana has denied knowledge of the incident, but acknowledged that due to renovations at the hospital, the psychiatric section was a concern.


  1. This man should be re-checked, i think by now he is fine. I mean how is it possible for a mad man to get in the car, drive safely, park the car, get out and sit down for a cup of coffee without causing any harm or damage whatsoever. It is evident that in BOtswana they still lock up hysterics and psychotics in cells and pronouce them mad.This people need placement as a cure and talking therapy. I hate it when people are given a pile of tablets per day under the said conditions that they have been declared mad.

  2. The Driver o tshamekela mo tirong, aa botswe gore ao santse a batla go bereka batho ba bantsi ba tlhoka tiro ya go tereba.

  3. Im very disappointed with the headline. This is a patient, not a lunatic! Newspapers should lead out against stigmatising against these people.