..Be mine

Filled with fashion and romance, February has always been one of our favourite months.

When it comes to Valentines there’s nothing wrong with giving your beau some clues about what your heart desires.

A box of chocolates?, A big teddy bear?, Bouquet of flowers? A lovely poem? Or silk flowers and trees?

One thing we know is what you wear is always at the top of your list and most times will always leave a lasting impression than a bouquet of roses.

Whether it’s your first night with your crush or someone you’ve been waiting to date for awhile, you’ll want to feel cute without making it obvious that you spent hours getting ready.

Pick a fit-and-flare dress with cool details, easy to walk in wedges, and simple accessories for a look that isn’t try-hard.

Men, you have been eyeing her for a while? Put on a semi formal look for that dinner or go casual for a walk in the park.

You have to pull all stops so make sure you have her smitten and beaming with love, even after the chase.

Everybody loves a love story. Ours is a different love story for this valentine.

We fell in love with this antique shop, ‘celebrate with flowers and décor” at Molapo crossing.

It is made of heaven, love and a touch of peace.

There is a flower scent for everyone, cards to say it right for you, and candles to set the mood right on your night.

Remember, sometimes being cliché is not the worst thing in the world and there’s nothing hotter than saying “I love you” in a special way on V-day.

Get your valentine fix at “Celebrate With Flowers Shop,” don’t forget to thank us later. We do this because, we love you.

[image_slider link=”full_url_link” source=”http://www.thevoicebw.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Valentine-01.jpg”] In minimalist chic, as the day proceeds; they take a walk in the park.
[image_slider link=”full_url_link” source=”http://www.thevoicebw.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Valentine-02.jpg”] Be mine..Just another hour in paradise. [/image_slider]
[image_slider link=”full_url_link” source=”http://www.thevoicebw.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Valentine-03.jpg”] In a must try formal edgy wear, Torquil takes Naledi who is dressed in a flowing dress out to dinner.  [/image_slider]


MODELS | Torquil Mooketsi & Naledi Mabena
PHOTOGRAPHY | Kago Seatile Kagography
LOCATION | Shop NO 30A, Celebrate with flowers and Décor, Molapo Crossing , 3926603