Love potion of death

*Zim man on the run after casting deadly spell on lover’s husband *Changate residents vow to hunt and kill the fugitive

A cheating wife’s evil plot to cast a ‘ love spell’ on her husband has backfired badly after she panicked and confessed.

Siphiwe Sibanda (24) and her boyfriend, Reason Ndlovu (38) have become the target of angry villagers’ wrath following the woman’s shocking confession that her boyfriend had cast a deadly spell on her husband, Elias Segweni 47, who died last week.

Weighed down by guilt, Sibanda cracked about seven days before the man died and told of how she had accompanied Reason to a traditional doctor in Zimbabwe to help them cement their relationship.

The frightened love cheats then agreed to the request of the bewitched man’s family to revisit the traditional doctor to undo the spell.

“The muti man gave me muti, which he instructed me to put in my son’s bathing water everyday for seven days while my son was still hospitalised.” said Elias’s 80 –year- old mother, Chikadzi Segweni, her voice cracking with emotion.

The doctor had said that on the seventh day, the spell would be broken and Elias who was bed ridden would get back up on his feet, but to the family’s utter dismay the man died on the same day he was expected to recover.

After the funeral, shocked and angry, the Segweni family lodged a complaint with Changate Chief, Gaabadzo Jackson Changate who called the two self-confessed spell casters for questioning on Wednesday.

Love potion of death

“Someone died and there were allegations of witchcraft, unfortunately for us there wasn’t much we could do except maybe to give the grieving family an ear,” said the chief.

Speaking in an interview, the dead man’s brother Joseph Segweni, 42, said his older brother and his wife were a happy couple until the arrival of Ndlovu early this year.

“My sister in- law introduced Ndlovu as a brother and we welcomed him into the family.”

It however did not take long for the husband to sass out the two were not siblings but lovers.

A few months after discovering that his wife was cheating on him, Elias fell ill. “He did medical tests but nothing was conclusive,” Joseph explained.

Just as the family was about to give up, Sibanda confided in Joseph about how Reason had been boasting that he was the only one who knew what was ‘eating’ Elias.

The Voice tracked down the woman at the centre of the controversy and found her cuddling two toddlers, bothe Elias’ children.

Composed and calm she says, “I have heard the rumours, but I didn’t do anything wrong. I went to see a traditional doctor with Reason and he’s the only one who knows what the traditional doctor did. If there’s any blame to apportion, fingers should point at him and not me.”

Elias has disappeared from the village.

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