#Love my teacher gathers momentum
William Molebatsi

Banc ABC in conjunction with BOSETU has started ‘#Love my Teacher BW’ campaign meant to show appreciation for teachers.

The organisers are working with Social Media Influencers Veezo, Loretta, Chris, Oneal and Molebatsi to hype-up the three-month long campaign on their platforms.

The second phase includes the donation of books, which will be distributed to schools in regions the bank has branches in.

Members of the public are encouraged to use the hashtag to share their memories with teachers on social media.

Speaking to the Voice Entertainment, one of the Social Media Influencers, popular comic Bofelo William Molebatsi said this will give him a platform to reach a wider audience.

The 21-year-old explained he decided to take part in the campaign because he feels he wasted his chance of free education and does not want others to repeat his mistake.

“Had I worked hard, listened to my teachers and done my school work I could have gone far with my education. The opportunity comes once and some of us are regretting!” said the social media comedian, who has worked with the likes of Mjamaica, Xolo Black and Jujuvine.

“There was one teacher teaching me English, Mma Keletso, who was my favourite at Molefi Senior School. She knew my background and she was very supportive.“We need to appreciate teachers’ everyday not only on Teachers Day because they have touched our lives,” continued Molebatsi. He advised students to respect their teachers and put themselves in their shoes, ask themselves what they would do if students were not taking their schoolwork seriously. Molebatsi urged teachers to continue doing a good job and to work with parents to mould the country’s future leaders.