Love and ashes

Cheating couple burn to death in house fire

A couple’s illicit love affair came to a tragic end at the weekend when both perished in a house fire believed to have been deliberately started by the boyfriend.

Kerapetse Rodah Mathe and Banyatsi Babusi, who were both passionate Township Rollers supporters, burned to death at Babusi’s rented home in Tlokweng’s Metlhabeng Ward on Saturday evening.

The duo were involved in a volatile, on-off affair that reached its deadly climax when Mathe allegedly tried to end the relationship.

According to sources close to the lovers, Mathe, who was in a relationship and living with the father of her child in Gaborone’s Old Naledi location, felt guilty about cheating on her baby-daddy and intended to break-up with Babusi.

Things allegedly came to a head over the holidays during a birthday party for Mathe’s child. Babusi attended the party but became increasingly angry at seeing Mathe and her baby-daddy cozying up together.

According to one of Babusi’s neighbours, who requested anonymity, Babusi told his uncles they were ‘seeing him for the last time’ before he stormed off.

“From what we heard, on Saturday at around 8pm, Babusi went to pick Mathe up in Old Naledi and they went together to his house.

“When they got there, he allegedly leaked cooking gas before torching the house. They were accompanied by his friend, who is the one helping the police with their investigations,” claimed the source, adding that Mathe’s baby-daddy had long been aware of the affair and had tried in vain to put an end to it.


“Last year July the two fought and they were separated at a Police Station in Gaborone and we thought their affair was over. We are shocked and disappointed at what he did,” continued the source, who revealed that all three were originally from Shoshong.

Meanwhile, Botswana Police Public Relations Officer, Jayson Chabota confirmed the incident.

He said the two suffered serious burns and were rushed to the hospital where they were certified dead.

When asked about the affair and what caused the fire, Chabota admitted it was not going to be easy to find answers as both parties involved are dead.

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