Lost and found woman speaks out
OPENNING UP: Roberts-Otto

“I needed time to be alone”

The missing woman who made national headlines when she seemingly vanished into thin air two months ago, only to resurface apparently unharmed four weeks later, has opened up to this publication about her ordeal.

In an exclusive, emotional interview with The Voice on Wednesday, Caroline Roberts-Otto narrated the mysterious circumstances surrounding her dramatic disappearance.

Before the interview starts, looking stressed and harassed, the mother of two declares solemnly, “This whole thing has messed up my life. Do you know what it means Sharon to have your life in the public, being judged for something I did not do or say?”

According to Roberts-Otto, who is currently being investigated by the serious crime unit for an alleged fraud offence, at the time of her disappearance she was going through personal experiences that she could not handle.

She says that she needed time away to ‘think’ and ‘be alone’.

“I was going through a lot, personally. I could not handle it so I decided to just go away. I needed time away.”

When asked why she abandoned her car at Gaborone Dam, Roberts-Otto takes a second to compose herself before she replies, “I was just driving around town that day. I did not know what or where I was going. Have you never had such a breakdown, have you never felt that low? See when I got to the dam I could not do it, so I decided to go to Zimbabwe.”

The woman, who resides in Metsimotlhabe with her family, fled to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, where she reveals she stayed at a church home.

“I needed to connect with God. I needed to redefine my life and connect with my God. So I was at this church home in Zimbabwe. But I finally had to come back home, to my family and my children,” says the woman who handed herself in to Old Naledi police station, where a missing person’s case had been opened on her behalf.

When questioned about the contents of a letter she allegedly wrote and had delivered to her husband, in which she claims to be a member of a secret cult called ‘The Church’ who were threatening to kill her children, Roberts-Otto quickly says, “I cannot even go to the mall without people looking at me.

“They associate me with witchcraft. I lock myself in the house because even here in the village (Metsimotlhabe) people look at me funny. I used be a well known and respected person but now people look at me with a different eye.”

But did she write the letter and does she belong to any cult?

“I did not write that letter. I do not know anything about it. I do not know any of those things mentioned in that letter, no,” Roberts-Otto insists emphatically.

“This whole thing has ruined my life. I cannot even return to work, I am going through counselling sessions. There has not been any warrant of arrest for me, as you can see I am here, I am cooperating fully with the police,” she continues desperately.

The Voice can confirm that Roberts-Otto has not been charged with any offence.

However, the complex case is far from finished.

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