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Looters list- just a damp squib

Looters list- just a damp squib
INSINCERE: Emmerson Mnangagwa

When he announced that he had given ‘looters’ three months to return externalized foreign currency, many thought Zimbabwe had eventually gotten a leader who was ready to fight corruption and bring perpetrators to book, but alas, it was not to be.

I am glad that I am one of those who doubted Mngangagwa’s sincerity when he announced that after the three months grace period, he would name and shame those who had looted from the country especially from government coffers and stashed the money in offshore accounts.

Like they say in street lingo, Mngangagwa and former president Robert Mugabe are just in the same Whatsapp group, only good at talking but dololo action.

The three months lapsed last week and on Monday, the list of individuals and companies that had externalized funds was publicized and was it worth the wait, not at all.

Mnangagwa must really be thinking Zimbos are fools, or maybe we are fools since we are just good at airing our disgust on social media until whatever topical issue dies down and life goes on as usual.

Any Zimbo or anyone with interest in the country’s current affairs knows pretty well who the country’s biggest looters are yet the powers that be choose to release a list which is full of nonentities while the sharks are still out there and still externalizing funds.

Like someone said on Twitter, the looters are the ones who drafted the list of supposed looters to cover their own tracks.

For starters, Mnangangwa is not clean as he also allegedly looted diamond revenue with the assistance of the army while the current vice president General Constatino Chiwenga was still in charge of the uniformed forces.

Mugabe is allegedly not clean and so are current several cabinet ministers yet we are expected to clap hands for Mngangangwa for a job well done in fighting corruption.

If he is sincere about naming and shaming, then he must get some of his ministers arrested, in fact he must also tell us how much of stolen money he had kept overseas and the amount he had brought it.

Until then he must just shut up and never talk about fighting corruption again.

But I must hasten to say, he got a thumbs up from many people last week with his short and straight to the point response to Mugabe who has been rambling on about how unconstitutional this current regime is.

A clearly bitter Mugabe gave audience to the international media last week where he spoke about how he was forced to resign and that contrary to what the outside world was made to believe, there was really a coup d’état in Zimbabwe and not just mere military intervention in Zanu PF succession battle.

Mnangagwa simple responded by telling Mugabe that Zimbabwe had moved on and thus cannot be talking about November events that led to his ouster.

Couldn’t agree more with the president, coup or no coup Zimbabwe has really moved on and even though nothing much has changed, we are happy to be living in this post Mugabe era so he must also accept that and move on as the country’s former president.

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