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To choose an outfit that keeps out the chill but yet turns heads can be a nightmare.  The outfit has to be stylish and yet be suitable for the office. Most of all with our country’s extreme weather, chilly in the mornings, warm to hot during the afternoon and chilly again at night, this is a challenge.

Gabriel Tlagae

But  a few clothes that complement each other especially in terms of colour can do wonders. It is just a question of choosing the right coat, a complementary jersey, a trendy shirt and a pair of trousers to complete the look.
Model Gabriel Tlagae, this week took us inside his winter closet to show us how he creates simple but fashionable outfits for the whole week. And he embraces the hot/cold effect by ensuring he can peel off the coat and still stay trendy.

Model: Gabriel Tlagae
Outfits: Own wardrobe
Photos: Kabo Lemphorwana @The Voice
Location: Mr and Mrs Tlagae residence

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