I am not a fashionista but I do love to look good all the time, either at a funeral, wedding, party and when going to school.

Yes, one needs to look their best even when ‘just’ going to school, like one of my very good friends once said: “You need to look good for the books for the books to be good to you”. Most students at tertiary level students just pull out a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers and they make their way to school… Boring!

Now what I did was I asked Gaone of GaTsh Fros to assist in putting together a few outfits to rock to school according to what you are studying…  Remember, this is just a guideline, you could change a few things according to your body shape and size and of course your own fashion style… Take a look.

You need to look sophisticated and elegant as a young lady who’s into politics. Remember if you are in this kind of field, you’ll probably be in the public eye and what a better way to show how elegant, young and gorgeous you can look in a pair of stylish hot heels, tight skinny jeans and a flowy elegant top. Remember, if you are going to wear, a tight bottom, you have to wear a loose top or vice versa.

Well, the outfit speaks for its self. You need to be sexy and a bit artistic. The top definitely shows a bit of art and yet it’s not too loud and that is exactly what your followers want. If you are going to be too loud, you are probably going to bore them sooner or later. So keep it funky fun, creative but yet not too loud. Remember, being sexy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear short things.

If you are studying sciences or engineering, you don’t have to wear your overalls like I see some of my friends do, not cool at all. Now I do understand that it is said that those studying sciences do not have the time to figure out what to wear because their course is just too demanding. The blue jumpsuit is perfect for you because it’s one piece outfit therefore you don’t waste time trying to mix and match clothes. Again it’s the season for these, so take advantage. Remember dark colors are advised because you have to work with a lot of chemicals.
Keep your eyes glued to your favorite newspaper for more fashion school tips coming your way…


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