It was a long tiring journey to Togo. We took five hours to Ethiopia where we spent a night and a further five hours to reach Togo. The flights were incident free so I can’t complain about anything. The food was good and I have to make it clear that in Africa if you don’t eat fish you can’t survive, it is the main staple food in most African countries.

First loss
It wasn’t nice of course to suffer our first loss in the campaign. The game was fine although we started slowly. They scored early and from there it was difficult to find the equaliser as they packed their defence. However what I found amusing was the referee who pretended that he could not speak English. The poor fellow forgot his French in one incident and addressed Mogogi Gabonamong in English. Personally I think the loss came at the right time to make us even more focused. The coach tried different combinations, he wasn’t angry but he stressed that it was important to keep our hundred percent unbeaten run. But as you know you win some and lose some; we can’t cry over losing just one game.


Big transfer move
I was shocked to learn that we have lost two key players at Chiefs. Normally in Botswana you don’t expect such moves in the last hour. I just have to wish both Jomo Moatlhaping and OT Moalosi well, in football such things happen. I was busy watching Arsenal’s new signings, especially Mikel Arteta.


Santos clash
We are taking on Uniao Flamingo Santos. I don’t know how they play this season because they have lost a lot of players. I don’t know their plan but if they haven’t changed that’s better because we know what to expect. However at Chiefs we want to continue fighting for three points in all the matches we play. The hunt will continue even this weekend, so those kids better be prepared.

Adebayor Check
Oh yes that lanky fellow checked on us in our dressing room. We did not bow down to him as Togolese do, he is their God not ours. At this stage we don’t want to hero worship anybody because we are just equal to them. We were there to compete and if that was meant to intimidate us, it did not work.

It is now very hot and as players we don’t need this kind of weather, I hear games will start at 1530 hours. As players we hate the weather, I can only pray that referees give us water breaks. As for the artificial turf if we had our way we would refuse to use it especially in summer, it kills players, it’s very hot.

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