Local Forex trader to launch

Over 150 Batswana trained to trade independently

Local Foreign Exchange Trader and Tiger Forex Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tsieng Tsieng is set to launch the country’s first ever local owned foreign exchange company next month.

Slated for June 13th, 2018 at Avani Hotel in Gaborone, the two-year-old company, which currently operates as an academy, has, since inception, trained over 150 individual Batswana who are adept in foreign exchange trading.

Speaking to Voice Money this week, Tsieng said the main focus of the company is to teach Batswana, especially the youth and women, two of the country’s demographics hard hit by unemployment and poverty, the basics of forex trading so that they can earn a respectable living.

“Lack of job opportunities for the youth and women in this country is appalling and has spurred me to create an alternative income stream for the less fortunate by facilitating a platform to equip them with the necessary skills to trade in the forex market,” he said, revealing that some who’ve been with the academy have gone on to start operating businesses and have hired others.

Tsieng also said Tiger Forex currently operates as an academy where people go to learn the secrets of the foreign exchange trade, a scarce skill that will enable the unemployed to generate the spirit of entrepreneurship and financial independence, as is the case with some.

During the interview, Tsieng revealed that the infant enterprise is currently awaiting accreditation and licensing from the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority (NBFIRA), after which Tiger Forex will trade on behalf of interested individuals.

“Mostly shrouded in mystery that makes people uneasy, the foreign exchange trading industry bears a lot of opportunities for making good clean money,” explains Bumbi Tsieng, Tiger Forex co-director and wife to Tsieng.

She explains that the launch is open to everyone with interest in forex trading, continuing that it is an easy undertaking that many, especially housewives, can venture into to diversify their income streams whilst simultaneously contributing to the country’s economic development.

The Tiger Forex power couple attributes it’s training in foreign exchange trading to United Kingdom (UK) based Forex trading Specialist, Steve Mauro who is also proficient in currency and stock trading as well as binary currency.

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