Local beauty adds sparkle to South African show

Miss Botswana 2009 second runner up Naledi Willers is set to star in the upcoming reality show, Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

In an exclusive interview with Voice Entertainment this week, Willers revealed that since her Miss Botswana days – where she ultimately lost out to Emma Wareus – she has continued modelling, as well as working as an MC and hosting engagements.

“I then entered Miss South Africa and subsequently started my law degree. I have been working and studying throughout the course of my degree, most notably of which was working as the franchise manager of the Brow Bar during 2016.”

Asked what personality she thinks she adds to the other five housewives, Willers, who married Metro FM producer Quinton Masina, better known as the Naked DJ at the end of last year, replied, “I think I am the more diplomatic person among the ladies.

“Every one of us has very strong personalities but I think my role is that of mediation and understanding. On a more mysterious note I also feel I’m different from what one would imagine to be the stereotypical character of the type of person generally seen on such shows.”

Asked if the cameras would influence how she reacts to certain situations, the Miss Botswana 2009 second princess said, “The cameras are no more influencing on the actions of people than having other people around.

“Simply put, if I wouldn’t do it on camera I also wouldn’t do it in ‘real life’ as I don’t believe the deciding factor is on or off camera but rather what one would do versus what one would not do! The moments are not scripted so we are governed only by our principles and what we are comfortable with.”

The reality show, Real Housewives of Johannesburg, gives viewers an insight into the glamorous lives of Johannesburg’s wealthiest women.

The show debuted on 1Magic on Friday 3 August at 19:00 CAT.

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