Mogwera and her lawyer outside court

Lobatse High Court on Friday postponed an urgent application between Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU) interim executive and the suspended committee.

In a meeting that was meant to look at the Union’s progress reports last Saturday, a dispute erupted and the Union President, Masego Mogwera, and four other executive members were suspended.

The five were suspended on grounds that, the remuneration of the President and Treasurer General was not sanctioned by the National General Congress (NGC) or Central Executive Committee (CEC) for determination which was suppose to have been submitted in 2017.

A suspension letter from the interim President, Zibani Philemon, states that “Prior to 2017 CEC, NEC took a resolution not to implement any part of the structure that has financial implications to the Union, but rather the pay structure should be costed so that NEC can determine the affordability of the structure by the Union before implementation. Despite the resolution taken by NEC and ratified by 2017 NEC, the five members went ahead and implemented BOPEU pay structure.”

The letter also indicates that the cost implications of their unauthorized decision to the Union is to the tune of P1.8million for the eight months that the structure has been in implementation.

Representing Philemon and the other four, attorney Paul Muzimu told high court that Mogwera and others’ attorney- Dutch Leburu, had served them with a lengthy affidavit and that they needed time to go through it.

Justice Nthomiwa postponed the matter to next week Thursday at 10am.



BOPEU statement

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