WINNERS: Lobatse Brigade

Lobatse brigade clinched first place in the first leg of the Botswana Training Authority (BOTA) drama competitions which were held in Masunga over the President’s holidays.

The competitions, which were open to all vocational and tertiary institutions were this year held under the theme, “Youth against HIV Stigma &Discrimination, Take Responsibility, Take Action’and aimed at  fighting stigma against people living with HIV?AIDS.

The eight brigades that took part in the contest sent the message across for people to embrace those living with the HIV and not discriminate and shun them.

Through edu-entertainment the drama groups played traumatic incidents that HIV and AIDS patients are daily subjected to.  Through humour and striking characters the audience’s eyes were opened to the painful and stifling effects that were brought about by discrimination.

The common thread that ran through all the plays was that discrimination breeds division, hate, resentment and abuse, often forcing people living with the virus to turn to suicide, alcohol and substance abuse to drown their sorrows.

The next stage of the competitions will be held in Gaborone where technical colleges will tussle it out for a coveted prize.