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A few weeks back I heard something that disturbed me big time. It was a radio news report about teenagers involved in passion killings.  It made me wonder what issues in teenager love/lust would lead to passion killings? I was astonished when I heard this, in fact scared, confused and just a complete mess.
A boy aged 19 and a 17 years old girl made the news. Both teens had been said to be students at Lotsane Snr in Palapye.  I suddenly imagined myself being a victim of a passion killing, unbelievable stuff. As young as I am, tota what is it that can be complicated and irresolvable in my relationship that would lead to my boyfriend murdering me?
Like I always advise my cousins and friends, relationships are just too consuming and need a lot of maturity and growth. You don’t need to rush to be in a relationship just because everyone is in one. Really at this age one’s top priority should be studies and their future, not problems of relationships and thoughts of killing your girlfriend.
Still on shocking news that I heard: an Australian mother was arrested for prostituting her daughter. Now guys, as shocking as this is, it is indeed true. Even mothers are capable of doing such things. Instead of this lady protecting her daughter, she hurts her. How sick! If it’s these sickos of mothers, we have to fight off aged, respectable and married men intent on destroying our innocence.
I know what I speaking about.
Some years’ back, well before I could be considered of legal or moral age of relationship, I got to experience what it is like to be harassed by an elderly man.
I was on my way to plait my hair one Sunday afternoon when this respectable honorable well-known person stopped me. I just looked at him and didn’t stop as I was taught not to talk to strangers. He insisted he wanted to ask for directions, but I told him I was of no help, as I did not know the place.
He then asked for my number and I obviously refused but I did tell him my age thinking that it would scare him off. But NO! He still insisted I give him my number.  He then asked who my parents were and surprisingly he knew my mom. Thinking that now he would run off, he continued in his pursuit. I looked away and continued with my journey to the saloon as I saw that there was no hope for this man. See how young ones get hit on?
Please take care of yourselves and don’t let money pull you into doing the unthinkable. Don’t embarrass yourselves by letting your life revolve around money. Have dignity guys. I know dignity won’t give you money but it’s something that money can’t buy and no one can take it away from you unless you let them.

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Heish..! This one hurts… Just imagine as a young girl being proposed by a man who is suposed to be your father.Or is it because of money power respect? Kana there is a possibility that he has a child of your age. I mean how do you respond.Let us ALL respect this precious life God gave us.I think most of us can read. Lets read the word of God(bible) to check out His opinion about all this.

Dee Que

EISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHAME NEH!Ds peeps hu r duing ds nid serious help coz der z no more respect n luv in ds world…. Lets hold hands 2geda 2 change da world. BRAVO