Yes we get that, raising kids is rough but dressing them shouldn’t have to be!

Confidence in kiddies should spring at an early stage!

One reason is through a mother’s love and another reason is all about the fashion- the cute princess-y fashion that kids love to wear!

Learn how to mix and match your child’s wardrobe and maximize on it.

Girls that feel well put together and stylish exhibit strong confidence and are ready to take on the world with pride.


Today we take a cue from the most coveted fairy tale fashion looks that make kids an instant ray of sunshine without breaking your budget!

So if you are trying to figure out what style to place your chubby little, precious sunshine, pick these trends below and make her the princess that she is!

You know what they say, a kid is a reflection of their mother!


PIC 1: PRETTY IN PINK: frill dresses are for special occasions!
PIC 2 & 6: ACCESSORIES: A denim hat shields Preshy from the sun yet adds a classic touch
PIC 3: GEOMETRY SHAPES: Let her clothes teach her all about Circles and lines!
PIC 4: LAYERED UP: layered stylishly for the cold school days
PIC 7: FUN, BOLD COLOURS: Colour her happy with a fun playsuit!

PHOTOGRAPHY | Botlhe Dikobe (BD Photography)
Baby model | Precious (3 years)

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