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Against the backdrop of a dramatic Gaborone sunset, local rapper and musician, @tgblinxstar this week held the #ListenersDigest for his newest offering, ‘S.A.M’ the E.P.

In what was an intimate gathering of family, friends and industry professionals, @tgblinxstar played 6 songs off the E.P. and talked the audience through the inspiration behind each song.

One might think that 6 songs aren’t many, but the singularity with which he approached each story makes S.A.M. a musical buffet.

‘Buffet’ because there was a little bit of everything; the intro was a dramatic opening to the E.P., with the angelic vocals of Li (@tittle.litties) featured on the track; Moonga K(@snt.moon) is featured on ‘I Lied’, which is reminiscent of Common’s ‘I Used to Love Her’, and ‘Bashimanyana’ falls squarely within the homegrown Motswako genre, which was pioneered by one of @tgblinxtar’s most significant influences, Nomadic who happens to be Linxstar’s cousin.

‘Bashimanyana’ is also the first single off the project, and like the EP, thevideowill soon be available online.

‘No Good’ (which featured a sample from Lana del Rey) was a dark song, one of which @tgblinxstar said “It’s a song about questioning people in my life, priorities in my life, my own ability and even my perception of self.”

Before he played ‘Cold Glass, Warm Patrón’, he relayed a story that he said was difficult to tell because of the memories it evoked; memories that took him to a place that nearly cost him his life. ‘When I Move’delved into @tgblinxstar’s stories about his childhood, and how maintaining relationships was hard because he moved house often.

S.A.M. is a deeply personal and emotional E.P. “I struggled a lot to write these songs,” he said, “I challenged myself to write in a way that I’ve never done before. I wanted to be able to speak those truths. I did it in the pursuit of bettering myself as an artist. I had to push back with something real,” he continued, during one of the question and answer sessions.

S.A.M. (Songs About Me) the E.P. drops on the 01st of March.

Linxstar, self-proclaimed “Golden Boy” of hip-hop is arguably pound-for-pound the hottest rap artist in Botswana.

With his fresh, vibrant and urban sound, along with his snazzy & charismatic videos, Linxstar has become one of the leading players not only in the hip-hop scene but also in Botswana’s music industry as a whole.

His freshman offering ‘What Lies @ The End of a Rainbow’ was his announcement to the world of music, however it wasn’t until his sophomore mixtape ‘Pot of Gold’ that Linxstar received accolade and acclaim from not just supports but also industry bodies.

With a discography that includes hits such as Sick WiDiT, Tonight, Bipolar, Bang, HITA & No Stress alongside Fisa, Linxstar has and continues to make rippling impact in Botswana’s music.

As an independent artist he looks to formalize & head up his own label ‘IBDuB’, with compatriots DJ Root & producer capital-less.

The label will become the publishing platform for his music as well as that of other artists waiting in the wings.

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