The models cut  a dramatic sight as they floated down the catwalk in impressive designs during a  historic appearance of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, fashion label at the London Fashion week yesterday.

That the University’s fashion label, the Limkokwing Fashion Club was the only institution of learning invited to showcase at the prestigious event speaks mighty well for Limkokwing’s competitive edge.

The students had embraced the privilege with vigour and energy which culminated  in their designs and their label holding their own against big brands with an eclectic collection of over 45 high street fashion pieces, which left fashion enthusiasts, among them the world’s top editors, stylists and celebrities dazzled. Some of the designs were actually ready to be transferred straight from the catwalk to retail shops, Limkokwingvice president of brand creativity and talent development,Dato Tifanee Marie Lim explained.

Almost three months of endless days of sourcing fabric and planning birthed diverse, bright and bold creations that blended style with different cultures from across the globe.

The African influence could be seen and felt in the stunning traditional traditional Setswana fabric, German print(Leteise) while the Swati influence also stood out in their striking bold prints.

Has Limkokwing  Fashion Club after a short but eventful  seven years of  existence claimed its right place in the cut throat fashion industry?

Dato Tifanee Marie Lim is convinced that after this experience, the sky is the limit for what the University can do. “We are humbled and encouraged. Our students  dreams have been validated and their confidence has been boosted,” She said,  speaking in an interview in London yesterday.

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