My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am, I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her. These are the words of former US president George Washington and no doubt many will agree with him when it comes to their mothers.

This Sunday, moms will be showered with gifts and tributes as part of Mother’s day celebrations. Sinqoe Tessa shared the joys of motherhood with four women on the move on the precious lessons they learnt from their mothers.

The women speak of the indelible marks carved into their lives by their mothers which have seen them succeed and become high achievers.

But it was not only the daughters talking about their mothers, the ‘older ladies’ also spoke with fondness about their baby girls who have grown up to make names for themselves.

Tirelo Ramasedi, 22 & Keitumetse Loloh Ramasedi, 50

Tirelo Ramasedi, 22 (Miss Universe Botswana)
Lessons from her mother
– “She taught me about respect, love and humility and that being humble is one of the most important things in this world. I also learnt to turn failures and challenges into opportunities as this is part of what I learnt from her. I believe I achieved what I achieved because she also told me to be a go-getter and always believe in myself

Similarities between her and mother– “We are both beautiful, conservative but very loving and sociable people.”

Message- “There are so many unsung heroines in this country and the world over and you are one of them. Thank you for being my pillar of strength and for everything you have done for me. It really is an honour and priviledge to be your daughter.”

Keitumetse Loloh Ramasedi, 50
“Growing up, Sokona (her childhood name) was a very quiet child but she has grown up to be a brilliant and confident girl that I am so proud of. I am also grateful that she and all my children have been good and have not given me any problems. Tirelo knows what she wants and I always encourage her to follow her dreams.”

Tshepo Ntshole, 31 & Nthakeng Fideliah Sejoe, 74

Tshepo Ntshole, 31 (Radio Presenter)
Lessons from her mother
– “She taught me to always try to have a smile on my face as it will help with whatever situation I may be going through. One other lesson that has stuck with me is learning to respect others, no matter who they are and where they come from. She also used to say that when you walk out of your house, leave your problems at the front door cause not one single person out there is interested, you will deal with them when you come back home.”

Similarities between her and mother – “I think I’m as stubborn as she is and strong willed as well.”

Message- “A giant that has raised five children of her own and adopted countless others. You literally moved many a mountains for us to get the best and this was all done with grace and very little complaining.
“As I grow into the woman I am becoming, I learn to appreciate the tough love you gave us! Your laughter rings in my ears every time it gets tough and I know it is alright… I pray that when I become a mother myself, I shall be able to emulate you in more ways than one!!! You are truly a queen Nthaksy Baby.”

Nthakeng Fideliah Sejoe, 74
“Tshepo was and still is a very intelligent child. When she was growing I knew she would be an achiever because of her eagerness to learn. Tshepo spent part of her early childhood years in Ivory Coast with her aunt and thus her languages were English and French but because of her intelligence learning Setswana was not much of a challenge to her when she came back. I am so proud of her and what she has achieved at her age.”

Mpho Laing, 35 & Goitse Laing, 51

Mpho Laing, 35 (Fashionista)
Lessons from her mother
– “I am loving and friends with lots of people because my mother taught me to love and respect others. She also taught me to be independent and always thrive for the best. Above all though she never told me this, I learnt from her how to dress up and always look good. I am a fashionista because of all the dressing up that we both used to do when I was growing up.”

Similarities- “We are both blunt and never afraid to say how we feel about something. We also like to dress to kill and look our best. We are hot though I am told she was hotter than me when she was my age, ha!ha!ha!

Messages– “I might not be there to tell you I love you, I might not give you a present (because I have been doing that for years, laughs) but I truly love you mum and thank you for being there for me.”

Goitse Laing, 51
“I am so proud of Mpho, my first child who is also called Sepalah (beautiful girl) because she is real a beauty. One thing I love about her is that she is my true reflection when it comes to fashion. During my days I used to buy clothes in South Africa because I wanted to be unique and whatever I bought for myself I would also buy an almost similar outfit for her. I didn’t want competition when it comes to dressing and I still don’t and that’s how Mpho is. So it’s like daughter like mother though she still can’t outshine me (laughs).”

One Rabantheng & Boitumelo Rabantheng, 59

One Rabantheng, (Radio and TV personality)
Lessons from her mother-
“Accountability is one of the greatest lessons that I learnt from my mother. Growing up I knew that I had nowhere to hide or had no chance to lie if I had done something wrong as my mother would dig until she got the truth. She was a real detective. Love and respect for other people are some of the values that she instilled in me and my sister.”

Similarities- “Physical resemblance and our voices. I am also strict and a disciplinarian just likes her.”

Message- “I know the true meaning of motherhood because of your love and teaching. I am grateful that I came through your hands because I am the woman that I am today because of the way you brought me up. I could have derailed in life but your never got tired of showing me the right way. As you are already aware we are planning a big party for your 60th birthday to show you just how special you are.”

Boitumelo Rabantheng, 59
“One is a fighter, hardworker and a very straightforward woman and that is one of things that makes me proud as a mother. When she was growing up I was very strict on her and I am glad she realised that it was for her good.”

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Chris M

I’m a sucker for things like this! It’s so beautiful!


its so beautiful to realize that even if ur mum was very strict on u and seemed to be abusive during ur childhood, u still praise her for the quality individual u r 2day. I used to think that my mum was abusive whenever she tried to shape me into the kid she wanted, now i realize that um a woman of substance because of her… thanks to mum.