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Zimbabwe’s two main political parties may now be battling it out in court but the ordinary men and women on the street seem less bothered by the court case.

For most people, there really is no point fussing over something that will not yield positive results or bring about the much desired change.

The claims of electoral fraud by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change Alliance and the route they have taken is not new.

The players may have changed but certainly not the game!

In 2008 and 2013, the late opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai was up against former president, Robert Mugabe, initially through the ballot and thereafter through the courts seeking to reverse Zanu PF’s alleged flawed victory but never succeeded.

Fast forward to 2018, it’s now opposition leader Nelson Chamisa taking Zanu PF leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa to court for the very same thing his predecessor cried about, electoral fraud.

Whether history will repeat itself or there will be a shocker in the next few days does not seem to bother many because at the end of the day, their daily struggles continue.

People interviewed in Bulawayo and the farming community of Figtree just outside the city revealed that they couldn’t care less about the on-going court case.

“What difference would it make? They are just wasting time and money. Mnangagwa said the courts would not change anything so why did the opposition even bother going to court,” said one 43-year-old Charity Sibanda, who ekes out a living doing menial jobs.

Sibanda, like other unemployed men and women who survive on piece jobs, spends her days along 4th avenue and Robert Mugabe Street in Bulawayo’s downtown waiting for potential employers.

“As you can see, I am here in the streets hoping to be picked for a job. Even on election day I was here because I can’t afford to be away from the streets even though I know I can go for days without getting a job since there are many of us. I don’t think things will ever get better in Zimbabwe, maybe for the next generation,” she added, letting out a long weary sigh.

Her view was shared by 37-year-old Rabson Chademana, a fruit and vegetable vendor.

“I voted and hoped for change but it looks like I will hope till I die. But look, life goes on, we are used to suffering,” he said, adding that he had since lost interest in following current affairs.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Dennis Dube, a beneficiary of the land reform programme in Figtree.

“I will not hide the fact that I voted for Zanu PF even though the party has done more harm than good. My hope was that Mnangagwa would be a better leader but well, we just have to wait and see even though our politics is now such a bore,” said Dube.

So, as the two parties put out their arguments in court, one thing is clear amongst many – life goes on, after all most Zimbos seem to have mastered the art of living under very difficult conditions.

But despite having developed this thick skin, Zimbabweans surely deserve better and like most people I do hope that whatever the court ruling, we will move forward as a country and that the leadership will for once have the people’s interests at heart.

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The thick skin is SADC they have recognised a military coup which is very wrong


SADC seem to have acknowledged the use of live ammunition on UNARMED protestors

another incident just occurred a few days ago is the same scenario in Uganda where UNARMED protestors demanding the release of a opposition MP had live ammunition used on them


Remember it is SADC that allowed the old man to continue is nonsense for a very long while showing how weak the organisation is
How Odd that the very same organisation ii.e. SADC invites the very person who has taken over the country with the assistance of the Military and as well while a dispute is still being challenged in a Court to attend a summitt??


What is more mind boggling the former President of Botswana Ian Khama together with the former President of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda are seen on foreign television stations at the inaugauration of the former VP to Mugabe who is now the President having taken over the country with the assistance of the Military surely someone somewhere should have told SADC to play a role and do something while things are being sorted out . The media are doing a better job than SADC by highlighting issues affecting ordinary people in the region . This SADC there was an article where corruption… Read more »


The name of the employee who works at SADC headquarters should be named and shamed for harrassing an UNARMED REFUGEE


and this is what SADC is allowing an influencial person in Zimbabwe to do -forcfully taking a British Mans Business this is his latest petition: Paul Westwood’s business was taken away from him by force by an influencial person “Petition update President E.D.Mnangagwa Paul Westwoood United Kingdom 24 Aug 2018 — Dear Mr President Congratulations on your VICTORY sir. I am confident YOU are the right man to move the country forward. Please Mr President may I humbly ask you to take ACTION against Hon T.P MLISWA. My MP has written to you. ROHR ZIMBABWE (Restoration of Human Rights Zimbabwe)… Read more »