I think I have said it before that there are good debts and bad debts. Reality is that most of us have to acquire loans to advice in almost every aspect.
As a young graduate I wish someone had told me to start getting into the right kind of debt. A mortgage is crucial especially when you land that first job. I think its better you start early, as early as your first job to consider owning your own property. Although priorities always differ, one must always be mindful that time is not a constant factor for all of us. It is our common enemy.  If you start a mortgage at the age of 20 or earlier you would be done by your mid forties! If you start late it simply means you will have to be employed involuntarily for longer.
Most of the time, especially in our culture we are not encouraged to start early. Especially women! For some reason you have to be cautious not to acquire wealth etc because of this philosophy that you will get married to a man who will provide all that! It’s true and possible for most people. Frankly, I think that women better wake up as lamented in our national anthem and help out their men…seriously! If he can’t give you a mansion, it only means that you have to stand up and make sure you help him get it .Simple.
I also believe that we also start the entrepreneurship culture too late in the day. This should make part of the curriculum if it is not happening already. One slides through primary and tertiary having not been exposed to ‘working’ for money or making money! Actually, in developed countries kids are taught all this at a young age.  You would see kids doing a garage sale to dispose of their toys, selling lemonade etc. Barona bana gatwe baa sotlwa because they speak English…! They can’t be seen selling things etc.
I also believe that internship programs should not be seen charitable exercises. This is how  we start young people  to take work light. Everyone works for their money why should internship be free or even be regarded as cheap labor for big private organizations? Of course government cannot absorb all these graduates. His/her focus  should  continue to  create an environment  that allows investors to come set up here and hire our young graduates. Alternatively provide an environment that  enable SMME’s to grow and flourish. Government is not a charitable entity either.
Finally,  please do start  as  young as you possibly can to make  your own  money and  be independent. It goes along way. Male or female. If our young people are exposed to this way of thinking, the last thing on their mind would be to rush to a car dealer as soon they get their hands on their first pay cheque. They would have bought a little jalopy from odd jobs by the time they finish University or college. Fongkongs are just fine in this instance!

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