End of semester at the University of Botswana is fast approaching.

It’s a relief for some of us because we have three months of sleep, eat and most importantly no studying while for others it’s an exciting yet scary and anxious time as well they now have to face what is called the “Real World”.

Yep I’m talking about the final year students, who now have to prepare their Curriculum Vitaes, References and of course application letters in which they will send or email to their prospective employers.
Now I do have a couple of friends who will be graduating this year and most of them are of course anxious. Well, it is expected, I mean think of it really, they now join the very hectic and competitive corporate world and boy oh boy it can get really tough.

They now have to exercise what is called independence and responsibility and believe me you this is no easy thing. And what most of them fear is that until they get jobs, there won’t be P1200 or P1400 allowance that our very caring government used to deposit monthly in our bank accounts.

Some of them even fear that they won’t even have money for transport for moving around, dropping their resumes at the various places. Some won’t even have money to make the thousand application letters that they need.

However, let me not scare you and paint this after graduation life as negative. It’s not only filled with tears and hardships but it can be really fun and exciting sometimes, so really don’t dread your final year if at all you are on your way to graduating. I actually have a cousin who got a job even before she graduated, yep it’s possible. This is all because when she went for her third year internship, she worked hard and made sure that she made and left a mark at the prosperous bank that she worked for.

So if you are still schooling or if you are about to start your internship, do make sure that you sweat and be sure to be noticeable to your employers and the big bosses. Who knows, you just might be as lucky as my cousin.
Now one thing that I have noticed is that most youth especially those at tertiary level concentrate on school and nothing else forgetting that there is life outside and after school. People, you have to not only concentrate on your school work but you do have to pave way for other opportunities that just might be helpful after you graduate and seek for a job. I don’t mean to brag but well, I think I’m currently practicing what I preaching right now, not only do I study Accounting at the University, I also do have a couple of jobs, do voluntary work and always have my ears wide open for conferences so as to go there and mingle and interact with people who just might hire me in the next coming year(s).

However, don’t get me wrong, don’t deviate too much from your education because it is the main reason why you are in school, but don’t be narrow minded and lose out on a whole lot of opportunities that might arise. Food for thought huh?
Look out for talks I had with some people who will graduating this year and those who have recently graduated to get a feel of both worlds. All the best to all those who are graduating this year.