WASTE: Our wilting cabbages

My heart is heavy as I feel seriously let down by our power utility company and by extension the government

Of course the two entities have always been a letdown. But this time around it hurts more because we have been left counting losses just when we were about to harvest and count the cash.

As of this Tuesday, Plumtree border town and our farming area of Figtree, which is along the 40km stretch of the Bulawayo-Plumtree highway, and other surroundings areas had clocked 13 days without electricity.

By extension there is no water as the government water company which supplies these areas uses electric water pumps.

A number of reasons have been given for the interruption of power supply ranging from theft of copper cables to breakdown of transformers.

What is incredibly frustrating, however, is that the power utility company does not bother to officially update us as consumers.

Actually what is even more maddening is that they have taken this long to restore services.

Plumtree town is no small place that it can go for two weeks without power and water.

If the situation continues for another couple of days, it will be lucky if there is no outbreak of waterborne diseases.

I can only imagine the losses incurred by the business community in that town.

As for my loss as a farmer, I am still counting and will definitely take time to recover considering the hard times we are living in.

We were looking forward to harvesting and selling our 2, 000 heads of cabbages at the end of September.

All that has gone up in smoke as they have wilted and are now only good for goats and cattle.

For the past week we have been helplessly seeing our cabbages succumb to lack of water and praying that power supplies would be restored so we could also get water.

Alas, our efforts of making an extra income have gone down the drain just like that.

I feel like we are being kicked while we are already down.

Is it not enough that we have to deal with the ever-increasing cost of living and now this?

When I tweeted about our situation on Monday and tagged the Energy minister, many people reacted to offer comfort whilst expressing anger over government’s failure to solve our problems.

Many people related to my pain because of the numerous challenges that we already have as a nation.

We have a lot to deal with as a people yet our leaders don’t seem bothered to speedily deal with problems such as these.

Oh and by the way, fuel prices went up again on Monday for the umpteenth time.

The new prices coupled with a salary increment for civil servants will no doubt send inflation to an all time high.

We really are heading for tougher times ahead.

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