Letshego STILL Touching Lives
CUTTING THE RIBBON: Letshego CEO Fredrick Mmelesi, Lands and Housing Minister Prince Maele, and house winner, Balemoge Goitse Klaas

Following last year’s mega prize give away which saw Letshego hand over the title deed of a 1.1 million Pula house in Gaborone – Letshego is at it again.

This year Letshego, under the theme of “Touching Lives”, has endeavored to benevolently give away a herd of prime cattle.

The giveaway will take place on Saturday, April 16 at Kediretswe Freedom Square in Palapye, where five lucky finalists will take place in a grand draw that will invariably lead to one of them walking away with 19 heifers and 1 bull.

The competition has been running since May last year and will be concluded with The Grand Moraka Draw this weekend.

However, this is not the only prize that has been up for grabs.

Throughout the duration of the competition, 5 generators and 16 water tanks have been munificently given away to winners across the nation.

The theme of “Touching Lives” was inspired by Batswana’s essential needs.

Galvanized by stark water shortages and power cuts, Letshego saw it fit to make Batswana’s lives less problematic by providing a remedy for these everyday tribulations.

In an interview with the Chief Executive Officer of Letshego, Frederick Mmelesi, he remarked;

“Cattle is as good as having given capital to somebody if one makes viable business decisions. The idea is not to sell immediately but rather let them [cows] multiply in order to empower people to better their lives sustainably.”

Since its inception 18 years ago, Letshego has taken exponential leaps in the consumer-lending sector and established themselves as a leading financial institution.

They can now be found in over 10 countries in Southern and Eastern Africa and are listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange.

When last year’s winner of the house, Balemoge Klass, was probed on the effects Letshego has had on her life, she remarked;

“Letshego has drastically changed my life for the better. I am currently renting the house I won for P 5, 000. 00 a month and after renovations I am going to charge up to P7000. These proceeds have allowed me to develop my own residence in Palapye and I am deeply grateful to Letshego”

Based on this evidence, Letshego’s slogan of “Lets improve life” is an apt description for they are doing exactly that.