REWARDED: some of the customers

Letshego Botswana has invigorated their annual ‘Improving Life’ Campaign by entitling the initiative ‘Tokafatsa Botshelo’ (a term that means ‘Improve Life’ in Setswana), and offering a new set of sustainable grand prizes.

The annual campaign is run region-wide, and was initiated by Letshego to celebrate and reward customers who use their funds for productive and sustainable purposes.

Over the past four years, Letshego Botswana’s annual Improving Life Campaign has given away some innovative, income-generating prizes, including a house, a cattle post, catering equipment and tents.   

Letshego Botswana Chief Executive Officer Fergus Ferguson said, “Through Tokafasta Botshelo, Letshego Botswana is promoting and rewarding the sustainable benefits Letshego loans can generate for our customers.  By using our loans for productive purposes – like education, small business and home renovation – customers can expect to derive benefits from their loans long after the loan has been repaid.  Letshego remains committed to making a difference in the lives of Batswana, and maintaining our goal of being the right financial partner in unlocking individual growth and development opportunities.”

This year’s 5 winners each walk away with a grand prize valued at P50, 000.

Grand prizes comprise a unique package made up of accredited business and financial training skills, in partnership with the CCLK Kgolagano Business Centre, and P35,000 start-up capital.

The business training package empowers winning customers with financial literacy skills, tools to improve and launch effective business ideas, as well as insights and mentoring in establishing and investing in small business ventures.

The campaign aligns with public sector mandates by supporting small business owners, a sector that plays an increasingly valuable role in reducing unemployment in the economy, as well as empowering individuals with fundamental business and financial skills to support sustainable growth. 

Letshego’s partnership course with CCLK Kgolano will run for six months.

The first three months of the course focuses on business skills training and mandatory business compliance, and the final months involve business incubation, where winning customers will benefit from personal support and expert guidance in creating a business that is fit for long-term growth. 

To enter, Letshego customers shared their personal stories on how they used Letshego’s loan to improve their lives, as well as the lives of their family members and/or members of their community.