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WOMAN ON THE RISE: Michelle Phetlhe

With her sharp, confident wit, searing intelligence and hypnotic voice, Michelle Phetlhe’s rapid rise in the Eventing Industry is hardly a surprise.

A gifted public speaker who delivers motivational insights from

her personnel journey to audiences of all ages and at all stages, Phetlhe inspirational talks have helped many unlock the potential they didn’t even realise they possessed.

As one of Botswana’s leading Experiential Events specialists, placing client and attendee experience as a top priority in everything she does, Phetlhe’s presentations are tailored to be relevant and insightful, covering areas around health, education, lifestyle and politics.

She draws on personal anecdotes from over 10 years in her

industry as she dissects the challenges women routinely face (pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, relationships, health crises and more).

Through the various events she hosts, Phetlhe discusses how to juggle differing workloads and personal responsibilities, maintaining good mental and physical health, to how women can plan and manage their daily dealings and support each other through formal mentoring.

Sheis a firm believer that there is wisdom in sharing experiences and learning from others.

Such passion has seen Phetlhe organise and coordinate The Women’s Etiquette Brunch Series, a platform which has been running for two years and brings women from all walks of life in engaging sessions of presentations and interaction, to help them learn more from betterbodyhq.com.

“Conversations should be had and I find that people are inclined to open up and converse easily when in a beautiful and relaxed setting.

“Our world has completely changed and for everyone to play a role there must be dialogue around key issues. People can no longer afford to be passive hence the encouragement to play more active roles,” she tells Voice Woman.

Driven by her desire to bring people together, Phetlhe has curated an impressive number of unique events.

Her latest venture is the much talked about ‘Just Sex’ event due to take place today (Friday 23 November).

Like many of the gatherings that she has hosted under her ESTeRES brand – a boutique agency that offers public relations sand marketing services which she founded and runs – Phetlhe has teamed up with various professionals for ‘Just Sex’, a conversation event on Sexual Health and Wellness, with an extra speaker talking about How to start a conversation with a woman and how to approach her, modern dating and online dating how it works.

“The idea to host an event that would focus on sex came about during another event ESTeRES had hosted earlier in the year. It was at the Women’s Etiquette Brunch hosted in August 2018 where one of the speakers, Dr. Elna Rudolph (Medical Doctor and Sexologist) spoke on Sexology. Batswana are a generally a conservative society and rarely openly discuss certain issues.

“However, during the event it became apparent that there was a yearning from most to cultivate platforms that would allow free discussions on subjects often considered taboo. This includes sex. The attendees were thoroughly intrigued, engaged and appreciated the discussion tremendously. This planted a seed to host yet another event that would allow more people to interact on the matter,” she explains with a gleam in her eye.

The event will host a four woman panel of experts headlined by the returning Dr. Rudolph, supported by Botshelo Madeluka, a Family Nurse practitioner at the STI Clinic; Agatha Atlholang, Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach at Genuine Fitness and Dr. Hildah Nchunga, a Bishop and Dental Surgeon.

These leading experts will lend their knowledge and expertise to the ‘Just Sex’ event and promise to leave audiences nourished and equipped with important information pertaining to sexual health and wellness.

Phetlhe hopes the event will act as a catalyst to activate and keep the sexual health and wellness conversation going way beyond the 1st of December, when World Aids Day is marked.

Giving her input on the matter, Madeluka reveals that the STI clinic attends to over 400 people each month.

“Sexually transmitted diseases are prevalent in our society as there is generally a low uptake of safe sex. We continue to spread the message and hope more people will take responsibility and do the right thing!”

In addition, Madeluka feels there is a need to teach children about sexual matters.

“With more children opting to have sex these days, it is important for parents to talk openly with them,” she notes whilst advising parents to use appropriate language at different stages to engage their children.

She encourages attendance of the event to learn ways in which to equip oneself with knowledge around the sensitive sex issues.

“Sex can be pleasurable and safe if practiced right,” she is quick to add.

For her part, Phetlhe is grateful for the support she has received ahead of ‘Sex Talk’, including from Durex and Cresta Lodge.

“To pull off any event, one needs partners and I am happy with the response received thus far. It is testament to the fact that we are all waking up to playing a role in building stronger communities one conversation at a time!”

Events Hosted & Curated by Phetlhe

  • Women’s Etiquette Brunch
  • Riaad Moosa Comedy
  • Married But Not to Each Other Tumi Morake and Ndumiso Lindi Comedy
  • Speed Dating
  • Christmas Carols By Candlelight
  • Botswana Innovation Hub- Slush Presentations (Road to Finland)
  • Tshiamo Mogapi (Coaching & Mentoring Program)
  • The African Women Leadership Academy

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