Let it go Uncle Shima
Shima Monageng

The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) hosted its Bulela di tswe over the weekend and Uncle Shima is crying foul.

The man who contested for the Molepolole South Parliamentary seat says he is protesting the results and will lodge an appeal.

He went on social media to air his displeasure, which was directed primarily at his own people, writing, ‘This is how bad our beloved party has become.’

Now Uncle Shima, this is not the first time an election hasn’t gone your way – in fact, Shaya makes this your fourth failure!

I suggest you turn your energy to something we love you for and would probably even vote you in as President – Jazz music.

It is clear that the people of ‘Phuass’ do not want you as their rep.

Just let them be, I mean you did host a braai session with free food and drinks a night before the elections and even that wasn’t enough to get the people’s vote!

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