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Esteemed photographer exhibits work

Photographer Pako Lesejane, best known for his work as a photojournalist, this week opened an exhibition showcasing his prowess in fine art photography.

Held under the theme ‘Photography Redefined’, the exhibition, which runs for two weeks at Thapong Visual Arts Centre, features 20 photos chosen from Lesejane’s work that spans over a decade.

Explaining this to his audience as he welcomed them during Monday’s launch, the 35-year-old respected snap man said, “I have prepared 20 photographs using different techniques such as 3D hand photomontage, lift and transfer using wax paper and hand sanitizer, hand painting and glass overlay on both digital and film photographs.”

He went on to say that he has taken a path most photographers are reluctant to follow as he finds it exciting and challenging as well as allowing him to express himself as an artist.

“Fine Art Photography has grown over the years even though for many it is a headache because you don’t get the results immediately. But after the long process of working on each piece when you finally get the results you want, it brings joy and happiness, which I would like to share with art lovers. Many photographers have taken a different route of portraiture; wedding photography, documentary and fashion as these genres are quick on cash.”

He later explained to Voice Entertainment that he does not do other genres as they would rob him of the time he needs to focus on his art.

“I do this in my spare time and have decided to give up other photo genres. I enjoy it and I is fine art photography as an investment whose fruit will eventually come,” he intimated, adding that he relies on his day-to-day job as a photojournalist to pay the bills and finance his love, for fine art photography.

Quizzed on what drove him to take up photography, Lesejane explained that he got his first lessons from his father.

“My dad is a photographer and I was his assistant from a tender age. I guess that’s when the bug bit,” said the graduate of Pretoria National School of Photography whose work has over the years appeared in several national publications, including The Voice Newspaper, where he headed the photo section for three years.

On a parting note, Lesejane encouraged photographers, especially young ones, to always do their best.

“Work hard and do not be afraid to experiment so that one day you may be counted,” concluded the man whose work is inspired by his love of travel.

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