Legs pensioner's plea for help
Legs pensioner's plea for help

Remarkable David Motshweneng, 71, was born without legs.

Despite his unusual physical appearance, the old man who uses his arms to compensate for his legs, moves from his home in Ratlhomelang ward in Molepolole to the main road to get a taxi to go to work every day.

Speaking about his extra ordinary life perched on a bench at his workplace at lunchtime, Motshweneng said this is his 16th year working for Molepolole Choppies supermarket where he started as a shelf packer in 2002 and progressed to shop assistant responsible for supervising employees, a position he currently holds.

“I ended my studies in Form 3, which unfortunately I did not complete and get the certificate as my parents did not have money for school fees. I went around looking for a job and started working for Trans Africa in 1985 for 5 years,” he further explained.

He has also worked at Trade World for five years and for Lobatse Spar as a floor supervisor before he ended up at Choppies.

Commenting on his disability, Motshweneng said his parents raised him to believe that there were no differences from him and other children.

“ They taught me to appreciate that my life was a gift from God. From an early age my parents did not hide me from the public. Instead they encouraged me to interact with everyone and accepted me for who I am,” he said.

Due to his advanced age the father of five lamented that he was now experiencing health difficulties and therefore in need of assistance to enable him to retire from work and still be able to take care of his unemployed wife and live a decent life.

“I appeal to Voice readers, the public, companies and organisations to assist me with whatever they can afford, even a car I need it to transport me, I am now tired I need to retire from work,” Motshweneng explained and went on to say, “I used a wheelchair before but for now the batteries have expired and need replacement at a cost I can not afford.”

Remembering his life before he got married, the old man said he used to cook and wash for himself and now he appreciates the love, care and support he gets from his wife.

Speaking fondly about her husband, Motshweneg’s doting wife, Thatayaone Motshweneng (57) said that she was never put off by her husband’s disability when he proposed love to her because she loved him and accepted him as a normal person.

“My husband is such a hard worker. He is always there to assist me with household chores like cutting grass in the yard,” she proudly revealed, adding that none of their children are disabled.

The only regret for Thatayaone who was employed by Ipelegeng programme before is that she could no longer support her husband financially at a time when he needed her the most to be gainfully employed because of painful legs syndrome and neither could she leave the old man to go to the fields to plow because he now needed her close by more than ever before.

He is getting old and during the rainy season you can feel the pain when he gets caught up in rain and gets home from work in soaking wet clothes. He really needs to retire, or at least get a car to take him to work and back,” she sadly explained.