LEGiT stores have made a fashionable discovery of duo that fits their style and brand, we were invited for a media day this past week to witness the exciting new range in collaboration with duo Khaya Bhubesii Sibiya and Bianca Miles Sibiya of the brand Punk & Ivy.

LEGiT is known to collaborate with well known names from South Africa to produce clothing lines that capture most of the style slaves of this day.

This time they took a different turn and incorporated Punk and Ivy’s style into their brand, a brand owned by the Khaya and Bianca, a youthful couple with an eye for creativity.

As a married couple who love fashion, they incorporated their love for clothes to create a Unisex collection which they sell through their mobile store.

When the opportunity to work with LEGiT presented itself, they put out their work of art together to create unique prints and designs to suit the girl who never wants to conform to the rules of fashion and still stay stylish.

Khaya and Bianca say working with LEGiT is an honour and they made a collection that unique and fresh to wear this winter season and stay on new trends that define you from the rest.

The Punk and Ivy was inspired by the Soweto lingo from the 60s and 70s and its for every lady who knows what it is she likes and is able to break the rules because fashion is an extension of oneself, said Bianca.

Now let’s start the winter in style Fros.

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