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We all know that the youth unemployment rate in Botswana is high, I mean 1 out of 3 graduates get employed within a year and some send application letters left right and center with no avail. For some their degrees just rot at home.
I’ve written about this before and even talked about it on the youth affair show on Yarona fm. Some people say the government is not doing enough, some say those holding top positions (who are mainly elders) don’t want to make way for young ones while some say the youth are just too lazy and they want to be spoon fed. Well, basically youth are accused of wanting the poor government to do everything for them.

Anyhow, I had a chat with a couple of my friends about this issue, you know, the cause of this problem and the way forward. Now one of my bold friend then said something really ear catching, interesting I tell ya, well that’s him, always has something extraordinary to say.
So this friend of mine said he feels our government is limiting us, with its many rules and laws.  I then asked him why he said this and well, he said looking at the problem at hand, which is youth unemployment, things like prostitution should be legalized as some people do this to generate some sort of income to feed themselves and those they are responsible for.
I then looked at him silently for about 10 seconds trying to digest what he had just proposed. After a few more seconds I then saw where he was getting at, I mean looking at our current state, maybe legalizing prostitution wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Ok, I know probably most of you reading this article are thinking I must be out of mind right? I know for a fact that issues like prostitution are certainly issues of morality and people’s morals vary form one person to the next. And one other thing that is most common is that we look at things in a subject manner and not objectively which really is one of the reasons that we are so behind.
I mean really think about this, do you think that a person in their right state of mind would just stand in the night, the cold night and wait for someone to pull over and have sex with them for P50 if  she hadn’t tried other means of income generation?
I don’t think so guys, tota fela motho o a bo a feletswe! Don’t get me wrong, prostitution is something that I don’t condone, personally, but who am I to judge. I know an HIV free generation is what we are all striving for and prostitution could somehow pull us back. But really guys, who doesn’t know about HIV nowadays, who doesn’t know about condoms, who doesn’t know that when having unprotected sex with multiple partners puts them under the risk of contracting HIV? Unless you’ve been leaving under the rock for the past 15 years then you are an exception.

Like I mentioned earlier, I certainly don’t condone prostitution and I certainly wouldn’t want any of my family nor my friends to engage in such but really maybe it’s not such a bad idea. There’s no easy to say this but really, people who sell their bodies for money can’t seriously be doing it for fun. Unless you can feed the sex workers and their families or create employment opportunities for them then maybe you could object and help them out, but if you can’t then why criticize. At the end of the day, they are trying to make ends meet just like you are. What do you think?
Look out for the pros and cons of prostitution in the next article.

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Is there a system in place in a government body ensuring to deal with the problems youths are facing with work skills etc.

I personally would not recommend legalising this trade. Most of the time with this sort of thing come drug dealing etc. Why not ask Businesses and charities to attend a workshop for unemployed youths maybe something can come out of it


In some developed countries unemployed youths are encouraged to do volunteer work and put that on their CV as a stepping stone to get employment


O bua matanyola


o bua toilet e tletse

mis o

ke feletswe ke mafoko tlhe bathong and i’m logging off!



wa peka!!! thnk first


o bua jaaka motho a sena tlhogo, think b4 you speak


o bua matanyola


tota wa reng wena. ga se gore one o nale SATANE fa o akanya go bua jaana? puo ya gago ga ea tlhatswega, kante wa re legalise prostitution or not?. o chencha jaaka lelobu , o gana fela gore legalise it once gonale gore o tlhole o ntse o re batho ba pegile degree mo mantlong for nothing. o tshwanetse o reka le wena jaanong obatla go tsenwa ke phefo sentle mang lemang a go lebeletse plainly. wa thola sepeko ke wena. you might be from hell you pig!!!


wa peka kante! tshwanetse o gogile motokwana kante o dirwa ke saka

I see U

o tshwane wa bo oi thekisa waitse. o bua jaaka motho a kgatliwa ke go thuba malapa a batho ka prostitution eo ya gago, le go gasagasa malwetse a dikobo.wa phaphasela okare o siphinya se tswa ka marago.nxa! if u want prostitution why dont u reside in a country that offers u money in the exchange for yo sexual favours.while u at it u can bare kids and share customers with them, since its just money u after.



Lamour 72

Tota where is this person coming from?

Lamour 72

Tota where is this person coming from?Kare le modimo ga ba o tshabe…


I strongly agree with die title!Prostitution shd be legalised maar dnt leave “Gays en Lesbians” behind, take them too.Evry “umuntu”o hlameha ho etsa ntho engwe le ngwe ka body yakhe!Nobody control another person,so vir dose dat are against dit,jst shut up haho tewe lona ho tewa baba bahlang…


Hell No!!! Please don’t talk or write about this issue until our people are morally mature to know what it is all about. We have already made matters worse by telling our standard 1s about sex and condoms. Why do we find it to be our duty to tell them they can buy and sell sex. My amswer is a huge NO NO. Otherwise this will tempt one to tone many things down and ask for their legalization. Like say, instead of pouring money into measures to control MCPs(Multiple concurrent partnershipa), why don’t we just legalize polygamy? Or accept animalistic… Read more »


wa peka ne wena… shee ga o tlhabiwe ke ditlhong hela o bula molomo o nkgang o bua matlakala siiss mxe o tshwantse o se na boboko ga o bue jaka motho yo normal shee…


ya let it b legalised so that those sex dealers can hav the way forward if violated, masepe a le ntseng lea dira ago gana go duela aya go hela then le rona re ka kgona go lokisambeto fa mmaabo ago tenne o seka wa athama hela ore mo motho a helelang a bona le gore marago agago a masetha o sa itse gore o buelela ha godimoga eng pls let it…..