Left holding the bouquet
FRUSTRATED: Kwati and Kefitile

District Commissioner halts marriage proceedings -Woman allegedly paid lobola for by two men

Molepolole couple, Keneetswe Kefitile (39) and Modise Kwati’s ‘A happily ever after’ was rudely halted last week Thursday at the Molepolole District Commissioners office by a man claiming to be Kefitile’s husband.

The details of the scandalous incident, which unearthed the basic ingredients of a Polyandrous relationship, were heard on Tuesday March 06th in front of Assistant District Commissioner, Ikgopoleng Lekwape.

The latter had prior to the hearing, received a petition from 46-year-old Sesupo Gokatweng of Goo-Ratshosa ward (Molepolole) to stop Kefitile’s marriage since he was still traditionally married to her.

Speaking at the hearing arbitrated by Lekwape, Gokatweng stated that he paid lobola to Kefitile’s family on January 3rd 2015 after which the traditional ceremony of ‘Patlo’ was conducted without a glitch.

Left holding the bouquet

In a separate interview with this publication, Gokatweng said things turned sour a month later when he came home to Molepolole from work in Orapa to find his wife gone.

“I spent the night alone in our matrimonial home in Ga-Ranta ward as my wife spent hers out. I did not know where she was,” he said.

He continued that the parents tried to reunite them but things only got worse.

“I tried to be patient to find out what was disturbing our relationship, only to later find out that there was another man,” he said dejectedly. “My wife told me he was a Zimbabwean artisan and she was negotiating with him to build our house,”

Later on in December, on the 27th, Gokatweng said he tried to call his wife to inform her that he was visiting her and she did not answer his calls and later on when he arrived home he caught the very same man alleged to be an artisan (Kwati) inside their bedroom. His wife, he said, reacted with anger and demanded to know why he did not inform him about his visit.

“She told me that she knew we were no longer together and I asked the man if he was aware that he was wrecking my marriage, but when I realised the issue was causing a fight between the three of us I decided to leave the two together,” he said.

Gokatweng said he was not surprised to find out in September 2016 that his wife was pregnant with a baby boy who does not belong to him. He took the matter to the customary court and demanded compensation from his wife but chief advised him that one couldn’t sue his or her own spouse.

He forgave his wife and sued Kwati for wrecking his marriage instead but before the customary court could rule on the matter Kwati took a bold step and paid on the 27th November 2017 and registered for marriage on the 8th of January 2018.

Meanwhile Chief Patricia Sechele of Molepolole customary court confirmed that the case of marriage wrecking was tried before her on the 22nd of February 2018 and Kwati was found guilty and ordered to pay Gokatweng P28.000 or 8 cows despite his argument that to he did not recognise ‘Patlo’ and paying lobola as marriage.

Giving testimony of the case to The Voice, Gokatweng’s father Kokwe Masilomangwe said his son paid lobola and he is married to Kefitile.

Left holding the bouquet

“We are here called for hearing by the DC’s office to testify that our son paid lobola and he is married to Kefitile,” said a visibly distressed Masilomangwe.

The Voice can confirm that Kefitile, in applying for a marriage certificate to Kwati, never informed the DC’s office about her first marriage to Gokatweng.

When contacted for comment, Kefitile who is an Administration Manager said the matter is still at an early stage for her to comment.

“I cannot disclose anything more regarding this issue,” she said shaking her head.
Kwati, a nurse at Ngwatle Health Post also declined to comment.

Explaining the complexities of the case, Deputy District Commissioner, Boingotlo Ngaka, divulged that their office stops a marriage when one gets into marriage when they haven’t legal annulled a previous marriage.

“Another reason would be when one is under age or not mentally fit,” she said.